5 apps you need for business travel success

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, August 21, 2015

New technologies help us decrease the time we spend on the road, but sometimes, business travel is still needed. These apps will help the business traveller stay on top of tasks, research, communication, and transport.

BYOD and business travel

BYOD is no fad – that’s a given. In all sized business all over the world, employees are using their personal devices to conduct business work.

Whether they’re on the road accessing documents for a quick edit, calling and receiving calls from clients, taking notes, or scheduling meetings into their calendars, BYOD doesn’t look like it’s going to start slowing down anytime soon.

With your own company’s BYOD policy [] in mind, check out the following apps and see if they could help you work effectively, increase productivity, and enhance organisation while you’re travelling for business.

After all, smartphones are more about just calls and text messages, especially when you’re on the road.

Business travel apps


☞ Website

☞ iTunes

☞ Google play

IFTTT is an automation app and stands for “If this, then that”. The If app connects the apps you love, by allowing you to create ‘recipes’ containing both a trigger and an action. The Do app connects you through buttons, camera, and note-taking features.

IFTTT lets you put the Internet of Things in your pocket, and can help to streamline tasks, keep you organised, and more.

Examples include:

If recipes need a trigger and an action:

  • If I add a new contact to my smartphone, then back it up to a Google Spreadsheet
  • If I like a photo on Instagram, then save it into a folder on my phone
  • If I post a picture on LinkedIn, then save it to a separate folder on my smartphone
  • If a competitor publishes a new blog with a certain keyword, then send me a text message

Do recipes just… well… do:

  • Mute my device during meetings
  • Back up my smartphone contacts
  • Log my work hours on Google Calendar

Before you hit the road, you can organise a dozen recipes that will help keep you in check while you’re away.

Any time difference struggles are eliminated, and if you’re an avid social media user, you can use IFTTT recipes to manage your business’s presence, even when you’re not in the office.  

You can log goals, schedule reminders, and even organise personal recipes, such as prompts to “drink water every hour” or “put on sunscreen when the UV levels are high”.

Browse thousands of recipes here.

2. Uber

☞ iTunes

☞ Google play

☞ Windows Phone Store  

Uber connects drivers to riders through its mobile apps and has become real competition for local taxi companies.

Extra features like a fare estimator, estimated time of arrival, a payment method that passes directly through Uber (and not through your driver), and mutual driver-passenger ratings to help improve the service have made it a favourite choice for transportation.

From a business point-of-view, the clean and comfortable vehicles combined with a smooth payment process makes it a preferred choice for not only employees travelling to and from meetings, at the airport, or while abroad, but also when organising transport for your own clients and visitors.

Don’t worry about carrying around cash: when you create an Uber account, you link your credit card, and so you can enjoy effortless payments from any global location.

Uber is the perfect combination of a fair pricing system that gets you to your meeting destination in comfort. It’s available in 58 countries and 300 cities all over the world.

Explore Uber in Melbourne (or pick your city).

3. Lifesize

☞ iTunes

☞ Google Play

Software-based video conferencing technology combined with a number of add-on applications create a seamless communication medium, regardless of whether you’re talking to one or 50 people.

Who knew you could conduct or participate in data-rich presentations, flawless conversations, and high quality meetings from your smartphone or tablet? Well, Lifesize knew. Their cloud video conferencing software takes business communication out of the boardroom and into, well, anywhere on the planet. Find out more about cloud video conferencing here.

4. Pocket

☞ iPhone

☞ iPad

☞ Android

☞ Windows

☞ Blackberry

“When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.”

Sign up on desktop with a Google account or any other email, and save relevant articles, news stories, blog posts, or videos with just a click. No time to read an article with an intriguing headline? Put it in Pocket and catch up later.

More than 17 million global users have saved 1 billion articles to read later on their favourite devices with Pocket. You can even read articles offline!

Catch up on your industry’s news by dedicate half an hour a day to broadening your mind and sharpening your knowledge.

Sign up here (it’s free!)

5. Wi-Fi Finder (by JiWire)

☞ iTunes

☞ Google Play

If you’re overseas or simply find yourself in an area with poor coverage, this online and offline app can direct you to Wi-Fi hotspots so you can send that urgent email, chat with the team, or monitor social media.

We all know there is only so much you can do offline, so whether you’re away on business or enjoying some family time while on holidays, an internet connection is vital.

While on business travel, a Wi-Fi hotspot identifier could save you when you’re in the predicament of overspending your company’s money through overseas charges to your mobile phone.

Business travel apps

Technology, the internet, and solid planning can help keep business travellers alert and on top of their game. Stay sane, manage your time and tasks effectively, and enjoy a productive and fruitful business trip. Happy, safe, and productive travels!

Schepisi is a Telstra business partner in Australia