Mobile device management: where do I begin?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, September 04, 2015

BYOD opens up another platform for people in all industries to improve productivity and increase the ways in which they’re able to work.

As such it also opens up the ways in which we use data, increases the frequency and reach of accessing corporate data, and greatly impacts the number of apps we use on a daily basis.

So now, it’s time to stop worrying and start effectively protecting and managing your mobile fleet. But where do you begin when it comes to mobile device management?

Start right here.

mobile device management

How do I get started?

There are a few factors you can think about even before you seek out a mobile device management service. We cover a couple below:

  • Assess your existing fleet and its breadth (in terms of quantities and geographically)

  • Realistically estimate or predict future growth (in terms of employees and/or devices)

  • Decide whether your MDM system will monitor only the apps used on a device, or the device, too

  • Agree on whether you will reimburse employees (either in part or wholly) for the business use of their device

  • Devise an appropriate measure to take in such a case that an employee leaves an organisation

What kind of costs will MDM manage?

Mobile device management should monitor, assess, and rectify exorbitant spend in terms of cost but also in data usage, which – in turn – can result in higher costs. (Find some examples of bill shock in this blog post.)

Data monitoring is abundantly important, particularly if your employees are using a variety of business-based apps everyday (like these popular business travel apps).

What can my staff do themselves, to further enhance safety?

  • Use passcodes and fingerprint tools to unlock a phone

  • Employ automatic lock screens (so that after, say, 60 seconds on inactivity, the phone automatically locks and cannot be unlocked without a passcode or fingerprint)

  • Encrypt data

  • Choose only secure Wi-Fi connections (e.g. those that are familiar such as your company’s, and those that are password-protected)

Mobile device management can be a never-ending process

Technologies advance, apps develop and evolve, business needs change, and your company might have a frequent staff turnover. Each of these factors, either solely or a combination of a few, (plus more) exhibit why mobile device management is never quite fully complete.

It’s important that your mobile device management company is consistently monitoring all factors including usage, data spend and overspend; identifying areas that need improvement and areas that are doing well; and thus making applicable changes.

From there, realistic and practical tweaks and changed need to be applied to ensure your business and your employees are getting the most out of their devices and the apps they carry.

What if I want to talk to someone?

Ah, this is where we come in.

At Schepisi, you’ll have your own MDM account manager who you can speak to anytime you have a problem, a query, or if something doesn’t seem quite right.

Some of our Customer Account Managers (CAMs) can take 20 calls and 50 emails from the one client in a single day! So it's fair to say we can handle it.

So, where do you begin?

With a strategy, of course.

Get in touch today and let us know you want to find out how a mobile device management policy could streamline costs and data spend on your employees’ devices.

We’ll assess your current situation and find out a lot more about you and your business, and from there, we can tailor a policy that works for your current situation but that can also grow as times change.

Remember, a policy that is not enforced is a waste of a policy, so let’s get talking and create a mobile device management solution that’s going to help increase productivity, and, ultimately, save you from bigger costs incurred down the road.

Contact us today and let’s find out more about your current state.