Benefits of cloud computing: what you’re missing without the cloud!

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, July 21, 2014

Listen up! Your competitors are using the cloud – should you be, too?

2014, as you’ve probably already heard, has been named as the year of cloud computing. 

There’s been a shift in attitude towards the cloud: previously, it was considered a radical move to store your business data in the cloud; today, though, you might well be perceived as “old school” for resisting cloud migration.

Regardless of whether this resistance stems from tenacity or just a lack of clarity and understanding of the cloud, this post will inform you of the top five benefits you’re missing out on without the cloud and cloud computing being a part of your business operations.

Without business cloud computing, you may be missing out on…

1. Drastic savings:

If your cloud provider can equip you with a business cloud computing solution that fits your needs, you can reduce overheads through a variety of areas, including:

  • cloud computing

    Hardware investment: There is no need to invest in costly hardware, and you only pay for what you use.

  • Software licencing costs: Rather than buying licences outright, you subscribe to them on a scalable basis.

  • Disaster recovery expenses: Confidently recover when the unexpected occurs in a timely manner with the cloud. Cloud recovery removes the need for significant monetary investment in other infrastructure.  

  • Less energy usage: The cloud and its servers use power efficiently thus reducing energy costs.


2. Heightened security:

Typically, cloud providers are capable of a level of security that is simply unattainable for smaller businesses. 

From a cloud provider like Schepisi, you’re guaranteed the best level of protection: Telstra’s infrastructure protects 24/7 (so you’ll never be left in the lurch), while your data is protected 24 hours a day by security personnel, CCTV surveillance and robust infrastructure.

3. Mobile business:

Mobile cloud computing provides Anywhere Access to business data, documents and information: work from one device, then pick up where you left off, on another device, wherever you are – all you need is an internet connection!  

Users can run their favourite apps directly through the cloud, so you don’t even have to worry about installing complicated support software to run various apps.

4. Tremendous flexibility:

mobile business cloud

Scale up, scale down, when you need it – it really is as simple as that! Instant and convenient scalability features ensures you’re using only what you need. 

A flexible cloud solution is the smart way to operate: you’re not tied to any expensive infrastructure, so you can benefit from flexible, simplified business.

5. Reducing your business’ carbon footprint:

Go green: reduce your business’ carbon emissions with the cloud!

Think long-term: carbon reduction could top around 50 per cent with the cloud.

Research conducted in London a few years ago found that carbon emissions could be halved by 2020, with carbon reductions equivalent to about 200 million barrels of oil – that’s enough energy to power more than 5 million cars for one year!

Ready for the cloud computing benefits?

Every business is different – we know this. Contact a Telstra cloud expert from Schepisi to find out if your business could reap cloud computing benefits!

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