Growing Pains: is your company in need of a better business phone system?

Posted by: Schepisi - Thursday, January 22, 2015

Business is booming!, you proudly told your family on Christmas Day. And it’s true. Numbers are up, your social media accounts are finally being managed, and you’re just about ready to start marketing a brand-new product. 

For whatever reason, a booming business is going to make you smile. But it’s also going to make you think...

Business phone system

What changes to your communication methods need to occur as your business grows? Are your current communication channels providing the best possible outcome? Can customers clearly, quickly and efficiently reach a team member, or are they travelling through a laborious process just to receive a quote?  

While your business has been growing, so too has technology. 

It’s probably the most exciting evolution we’re witnessing in our very own lifetimes, and if you’re growing, and technology is growing, you need to consider whether you’re growing together: a system that was ideal even five or ten years ago might be long outdated today.

The real golden nugget here is that a good communications establishment will provide you with not only an amazing business phone system, but a complete communications solution, tailored to your particular business needs. 

There’s no cookie cutter solution, (and that makes us work harder to provide you with a system and solution!) but at the end of the day, you need a solution that will reduce overheads, streamline both internal and external communication, and grow with your business.

Volume of calls:

Is your customer service team experiencing an influx of calls like never before? 

A more robust business phone system will better streamline the customer-company communication process and will allow you to better monitor incoming calls. 

Can you identify the time of day where your call volume is at its heaviest? 

How are you recording information you’re gathering from a caller? (Hint: Mitel’s desktop applications can help out there!)

Ways in which calls are being forwarded...

...or transferred, or dispatched, or transmitted! 

The communication trail between your clients and your call centre isn't always so linear, but a powerfully built phone system makes this process a whole lot smoother. 

Automated answering, simple transfers and excellent service combine to give customers the most pleasant experience when communicating with your company.

Office phone systems + external communication =

We’ve touched on this above, but external communication — covering all bases from existing customers to new prospects and business partners — is what bridges the non-personal gap between company and client. 

Even the smallest of businesses cannot rely solely on their smartphones to successfully run and manage a business. A smart office phone system unifies communication between all bases and presents a company as professional, reachable, and approachable. 

Internal communication:

Phone systems are just one channel of communication in our technologically connected world, but it’s a vital one that produces personalised, one-on-one interaction with the most important people throughout each facet of our business.

Beyond external communication, an advanced phone system is going to transform internal communication into a breeze! 

Combined with desktop apps for those businesses that need robust features, a Mitel phone system will provide an all-encompassing and cost-effective communication solution! 

Choosing a telecommunications vendor:

Some companies might feel overwhelmed with all the factors that go into researching, comparing and ultimately choosing a telecommunications company or product. 

Could it ever be as simple as waving a magic wand where some other company can just do it all? Well, yes. And that’s the winner. 

Mitel business phone systems:

Mitel and Schepisi have a long and strong partnership that has allowed Schepisi to become one of the best and most trusted supplier of integral Mitel business phone solutions.

Experience, service, and skills are the three key values of our company. 

For whole-of-business solutions across all areas of voice, data, internet and mobility, call Schepisi on 1300 66 44 22 or fill in our contact form.

It’s time - drastically improve business and client communication with an advanced business phone system. Start talking: 1300 66 44 22.

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