Top business communication trends of 2014: are you keeping up?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, September 19, 2014

As companies grow and adapt to new and changing technologies, they’re also transforming the way they do business. Changing lifestyle factors, global communications and flexible working hours are all valid components in the workplace due to new communication tools. 

Business communication trends

This week, Schepisi takes a look at some of the biggest communication trends of the year. Are you keeping up?

The cloud (and cloud computing apps)

This one’s a given: the cloud has become so ingrained in many Australian and international businesses that it is hard to think back to the time where data was only accessible from your work computer, during business hours!

The cloud is cost-efficient, reliable, secure, sustainable and robust: it’s ready to handle your business’s data!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Employee-owned devices have been tricking into the office throughout the past couple of years, but 2014 sure looks to be the year when BYOD becomes the norm. 

Increased productivity and convenient access to business data makes BYOD an appealing practice for many businesses.

A word of warning, though: when employees bring their own devices to the office, it’s crucial that you are bringing in a stringent BYOD policy that governs the proper usage, storage and access of your business data and documents. 

Consider the following elements for your policy: 

• Devices that must be regularly updated with the latest operating systems

• Enforcing screen lock passwords that are changed periodically

• Determining approved devices

• Deciding whether employees will receive discounts or be reimbursed for any fees associated with the device’s usage

The impact of social media 

Newsflash: you’re not “ahead of the times” if you’re on social media. But you’re most definitely behind the times if you’re not!

Regardless of whether you communicate more with customers or with other businesses, social media platforms give you the scope to promote your message, offer help and advice, and discuss industry insights and news.

Facebook is great for showing the human side of your company, and sharing interesting news, brand-new products, and product promotions. If you’re a visually-appealing company, image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be great for showing off a new product. LinkedIn allows you to connect (as an individual and as your company) with other like-minded professionals, where you can discuss, share and debate current news and relevant topics.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing breaks down international boarders, eliminates travel time, saves money, and provides realistic, face-to-face communication, no matter where you are in the world. (PS: To experience the quality and simplicity of Lifesize’s new cloud video conferencing technology, sign up for your free 14-day trial - no equipment necessary!)

Video conferencing overseas clients

Video conferencing is there for you when:

  • You’re presenting to clients overseas

  • You work remotely or from home

  • You’re recruiting new employees

  • On-premise team meetings are tricky to organise

  • You need to hold an online training session

Business communication in 2014

There’s a change to the traditional nine-to-five. The flexibility to which the above communication trends contribute means we can work whenever we want, wherever we may be:

  • Stuck at home with a flat tyre? No problem - your cloud computing system keeps you connected with your colleagues while you work from home.

  • On holiday, but need to quickly check your email? Do it from your smartphone!

  • Communicating with those in different timezones around the world? Video conferencing can create that face-to-face bond to which calls just can’t measure up.

Schepisi has your business communication covered: from elite phone systems to the cloud, video conferencing and various smartphones from your favourite brands, you’re sure to find an end-to-end business communication solution.

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