Business relocation: move (and upgrade) your business phone system

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, March 13, 2015

Moving an office or relocating a business is an exciting endeavour. 

Perhaps business is growing; a new, larger office is on the horizon; or you’re expanding your network by creating several office locations in the one region. 

With that excitement, though, comes the dread. Think moving vans, conversations with gas and electricity providers, mail redirection, and changing the addresses on all online and offline stationery.

The one factor many will identify as the pain point of all pain points is telephone lines and phone systems (and the like, including internet and VoIP). 


Because it’s something many people do not know (for understandable reasons – why should they, right?). That’s why it’s unwise to try to overcome this steep learning curve on your own. 

The result is likely to be frustration on top of wasted time, as well as a compromise to business communication.

business phone systems

Good news: Schepisi can help manage the relocation process. Worry not!

Communication delays in a tech connected world

Being offline, especially in today’s technical world, in a non-negotiable. It is imperative that your call centre is up and running with as little downtime as possible, and your internet services are up to scratch in your new office.

It’s also a good idea to get your current phone system and equipment analysed to determine whether it is suitable for your future office location. 

This ties in to the next segment, but if you’re planning to move offices with the same equipment that is causing you trouble, you’re going to be packing those troubles right alongside your phone system.

The last thing you want is customers experiencing any sort of disconnect or delay from communicating with your business. Minimise downtime and get your telecommunications running faster when your office relocates.

Upgrading office phone systems and equipment

An office relocation is often a perfect opportunity to take a look at current communications tools and see where they can be streamlined, improved, or updated. 

Are you dealing with an out-dated office phone system solely because you have procrastinated an upgrade or assessment? 

Be warned: existing problems will only follow you to the new location.

If you’re suffering from a lack of scalability, the inability to handle a growing volume of calls, and often wish you had a slew of more valuable features at your fingertips, then it might be time to upgrade your business phone systems.

You might also need to:

– Reconsider your monthly budget, and see whether it can be loosened or needs to be restrained

– Take note of the number of calls you typically make per day (or week, or month), and whether it’s growing

– Consider how many phone lines you currently have and might need in the future; and

– Think about any other features that appeal to you or you would like

So let us help you out with:

Your every day business phone system:

Whether you’re a small business with two phones systems over four phone lines, or a global enterprise with offices across 20 countries, a phone system is the starting point to all your internal and external communication. (That’s right: don’t forget about internal communication!)

IP Telephony:

An IP Telephony solution is a modern and advanced way to influence productivity and boost business performance. A more streamlined system ensures more streamlined communication. 

IP can be an important part of your telecommunications system.

Call centres:

For some businesses, the call centre is the lifeblood of success. 

Whether your focus is inbound or outbound communication, a good team who can forge genuine relationships with customers, has the right attitude, and do not handball callers from one rep to three others, is crucial to business. 

For our part, a resilient phone system that can handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls, and are loaded with features to create an efficient call centre network.

Check out our blog posts for more helpful advice on creating a top customer service call centre:

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2) Offer stellar customer service with well-trained staff and a Mitel phone system

An equipment upgrade also minimises risk, particularly issues that were arising at the old location can be identified and eradicated by the time you’re in your new location.

Schepisi’s experience and the Telstra network

Work with the right team to ensure your office relation is speedy, secure, and carries minimum impact on your team and your customers. 

So how do you choose a team to support you? Years of experience, specialist industry knowledge, and unrivalled support and service are the reasons why Schepisi is a nation-wide trusted Telstra business partner.

Have confidence when you need to make the big move to a new office location that you have the advanced technology through the Telstra network, plus Schepisi’s team. 

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