Cloud computing in Australia: what happened in 2014?

Posted by: Schepisi - Thursday, December 18, 2014

As the cloud has grown exponentially, so have people’s expectancies. So what did clients expect from the cloud, and did we follow through? Here’s a wrap up of The Year That Was: Cloud Computing.

Following the cloud journey as more companies break through the misconceptions and unclarity and begin to see first-hand the benefits associated with cloud computing and storage. 

This year, cloud computing “has turned from a trickle to a stream. In 2015 it will become a waterfall”. Let’s have a look at what happened to cloud computing in Australia and beyond.

Cloud computing in Australia

Cloud computing security and transparency continued to improve

Companies are becoming more willing to let someone else take care of their cloud, because transparency and security have drastically improved.

Beyond being more willing, clients are also understanding the need to seek out a cloud computing provider that can take the reins on what is a process that should be expertly managed in capable hands.  

A foggy cloud, back when it was still new and people were hesitant to make the first move, resulted in convoluted messaging, unclear guidance and murky conditions. 

Now, the fog has lifted and it’s a much clearer story. Cloud computing security – and therefore trust – was achieved. How? Follow the chain: 

– To gain people’s trust, cloud providers had to prove both security (are my files safe?) and transparency (how do I know that they are safe?)

– To prove transparency, they had to ensure what they were doing was secure

– To gain top security, they had to implement the best practices, protection and data encryption

– By having the best security practices, protection and encryption, we could gain customers’ trust

Cloud computing in Australia grew and grew (...and grew!)

It's estimated that global cloud computing spend surged by 25 per cent this yeardemonstrating strong and quick growth of a technology that has been widely accessible and mainstream since only 2009 - a mere five years ago.

And here it was much of the same story; in fact, statistics show Australian businesses are adopting the cloud faster than other countries! Of those who aren't currently using cloud services, 46 per cent are looking to convert in 2015. These are some huge numbers!

The growth of cloud computing in Australia can be party attributed to the plethora of educational material available online for individuals to partake in their own research, as well as solid knowledge from their cloud computing vendor. 

This knowledge has instilled confidence and understanding amongst clients, and has resulted in increased expenditure as people realise more ways to adopt cloud computing apps, practices, solutions and strategies into their business’ overall game plan.

Bespoke cloud solutions were explored

Hybrid cloud, private cloud, public cloud? Did we all fit into one model? Of course not. That’s why we worked together with clients to determine the best solution for every business.

You see, Schepisi’s Telstra cloud services are more than just selling a product. It’s a formation of a holistic cloud solution devised from a strategy that is completely bespoke to your business!

Cloud computing risks were allayed and fears became clearer

Was 2014 the year we broke through to the sceptics?

Fears ranged from security to the more general (and very ambiguous) fear that organisations will adopt the cloud but then use it ineffectively, invariably wasting money, resources and time, and potentially putting data at risk.

Europe revisited their cloud strategy

We’re quickly popping overseas for just a moment, to 2012, when Europe launched a cloud strategy, in the hopes to cut through cloud jargon, identify fair and clear terms and conditions, and establish a European Cloud Partnership to encourage effective cloud computing use. 

February 2014 marked their third follow-up meeting which took place in Brussels, and it acknowledged:
– the importance of “risk assessment to make informed cloud choices
– the importance of flexibility
– the need to keep up with technological change
– the desire to move quickly so as not to fall behind the rest of the world 

(You can download the full report here.)

Their cloud strategy is designed to overcome fears and obstacles when it came to cloud computing deployment, that projects a user-friendly approach.


What a year it has been! Fears have diminished, options explored, cloud deployment has grown in fascinating numbers, and Australia looks to be leading the way! We can only imagine what next year will bring. Happy New Year, and see you in 2015!

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