Bullseye: targeting the cloud computing decision makers

Posted by: Schepisi - Thursday, January 29, 2015

So you’re a decision maker. But how good are the decisions you make? 

Making solid business decisions can be summarised with just a few factors: how much good information you receive, and how much experience you have in interpretation.

The third factor is an encouraging team that can provide feedback, opinion, knowledge and experience to help support a business decision maker. 

One of the big topics decision makers are finding themselves making today? Cloud computing, of course!

Barriers to cloud entry are fading, and cloud adoption is spreading beyond just the workplace, spreading into schools, government organisations, and more. The growth has resulted in a plethora of information available to help clear the fog. 

Now, we’ve said it before and we’ll honestly say it again - the cloud is not for every single business. But it can work for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses aren't expected to have whole IT teams behind them, but larger ones will, which is why Telstra’s cloud computing solution offers collaboration, ability, and growth, as well as a range of business applications, no matter the size of your organisation. 

Watch this quick video below to learn a little more:

OK, now that we have that part out of the way, let’s buckle down and take a look at some of the factors you need to consider in order to make smarter, better and more beneficial business decisions. 

You don’t always need to begin with a problem...

...but of course it’s also OK if you’ve identified one. Perhaps it’s a matter of an overblown IT structure that is not being managed efficiently that is causing gaps in your business model, resulting in wasted time and wasted money?  

Maybe it’s as straightforward as wanting to talk to a provider that can teach you more about the cloud and its accompanying applications for business?

An initial consultation could actually be the point where you identify problems or gaps in your business model, so it isn’t always necessary to identify the problem first up.

Or maybe it’s just a matter of discovering what the cloud can do for your business.

Cloud computing benefits: can the cloud provide a cost-effective IT solution?

It’s not unlikely that a complicated IT system is poorly managed. If your IT team is struggling, perhaps the cloud could be the right solution. What’s great about the growth in cloud popularity and deployment is that IT personnel are taking it amongst themselves to get educated on the cloud computing model and learn how it can integrate with existing IT. You can learn more cloud computing benefits here.

The cloud storage and scalability and range of services offered from your potential cloud vendors

Do your research! Check them out online, look at who they have previously worked with, and take note of the telecommunications company they are associated with.

Data security and privacy

As the cloud becomes more mainstream, and CIOs, CEOs, IT Managers and Managing Directors now ask “why not cloud?” rather than “why cloud?”, vulnerabilities will be better identified, security patches will be addressed faster, and, when partnering with the right providers, custom security and privacy solutions will be tailored specifically for you, your business, and your data requirements. 

The information you’re receiving

Are you clearly being informed of the new risks, opportunities, benefits, costs, threats to security, policies and implications of your decisions? No? Then you’ve got some work to do! Sure, whenever we want to make a business decision, we’d love to hear all about how it’s the right decision, and all the good that will come of it. Of course, we know that life simply doesn't work this way!

So if you’re speaking to a cloud vendor and they’re not providing you with solid, genuine, fluff-free information, keep on moving...

The cloud computing providers you’re looking at

Sounds obvious, right? Can you identify a provider that isn't all talk, and no action? Like we just mentioned, in a perfect world, maybe you just want to hear all the good stuff, but are they simply providing you with empty promises sneakily designed to reel you in? 

Genuine advice, honest opinions and straight-up information and fact will be invaluable when you’re trying to get your head around cloud computing migration. Is the company providing unfeigned guidance, based explicitly on your business model? Locate their data centres and find out where your data will be stored, whether there are public and private options, and clearly identify their payment structures. 

All your alternatives

In a neat little segue from the previous point, the cloud vendors you’re talking to need to honestly advise if the cloud is one of the best alternatives for your business. Remember, moving to the cloud doesn't mean everything needs to move, so approach the move strategically to ensure you’re making the most of it. And if anyone tells you everything does need to move... run!

Still struggling to come to that all-important conclusion? We can help you out: organise a cloud consultation today and we’ll guide you through the considerations listed above. 

We get it – it’s not a snap decision to make, and it may take time. Get in touch.

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