An open letter to your boss: why you can’t afford to resist the cloud

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, October 17, 2014

Hey Boss,

Are you familiar with the cloud? 

Do you know how it can change business? 

“Sort of”? ’Course you do! 

It’s been a part of the tech sphere for many years now, and is no longer a passing trend or jargon-filled piece of lingo. 

So why can many businesses not afford to resist the cloud?

Why your boss can't keep resisting the cloud.

Let me firstly give you a quick overview on how the cloud can change business...

· Collaboration: real-time access to data means you can work and collaborate on business data and docs

· Global communication: break down the borders and work and communicate with those across the office and across the Pacific 

· Anywhere access: log in and access any stored data wherever you are

· Reduce overhead costs: flexible services mean you pay for what you use, and nothing more!

· Secure business data: security and confidentiality are the two pillars of a reliable cloud service 

(Want to read more? Check out the history of the cloud.)

...but people are STILL resisting the cloud! 

So why do people reject the cloud? 

More often than not, cloud resistance correlates directly to the cloud’s ambiguity, as well as individuals’ miseducation. Now, not even for a moment am I challenging your intelligence or education. I would never! (...I want time off over Christmas.) 

Miseducation, however, is oftentimes the result of overblown statements cropping up in articles all over the internet. It is, therefore, sometimes easy to see where the disjoint between cloud migration and people’s perception occurs. 

When the cloud was new, it was shiny, experimental and tentative. Not everyone was willing to be the “first cab off the rank”. But that was then. This is now. 

9-5 is no longer the only window in which we work:

Not all employees drive to the same building and sit in the same office to work.

Some work rurally.

Some work from home. 

Some are stationed overseas. 

You know this. We have six employees who work half the week from home. We have those who split their time between two states: one week here, three weeks there. 

These new model meant we needed new and improved ways to communicate, and share ideas, documents, and data. 

That’s where the cloud comes in to play.

Consequences of cloud resistance - why you cannot afford to reject the cloud

There's two things I know:

1) The cloud is not for every business model

I’m pretty confident about that. The cloud vendor I’ve spoken to seemed very open and clear about that. 

But if you’re one (of millions of global businesses) that could benefit from a cloud computing strategy and integration, but are rejecting the notion due to pre-conceived fears or doubts, or even worse, miseducation, I want to clear up the foggy cloud and try to provide some clarity so you can make a more informed decision. 

Many business owners cannot afford to reject the cloud, because otherwise, you will be left behind. That’s not a vanity statement, as in, “are they more modern and cooler than me?”; but rather, “are they more advanced, productive, and profitable than me?” 

Ouch, way to bruise your ego, right? 

2) Cloud providers are also evolving

Rather than a one-size-fits-all model that businesses have to adapt to, cloud solutions are totally bespoke: what works for you mightn’t work for another, and the outcome of their improved technologies is to directly address what’s causing you to dig your heels in the dirt.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you have: the cloud can be applied to small start-ups, as well as big enterprises like ours. Its scalability and pay-for-what-you-use methodology enables it to flexibility adapt to the needs of individual businesses.

How can we get on board cloud computing? 

You don't need to take a hard nose-dive into the cloud and cloud computing. If you’re hesitant, no one is going to push you over the edge and commit you to a cloud contract! 

Start slow. 

Perhaps with an initial consultation? 

You can learn more about the service, benefits, and costs. Learn about its flexibility, reliability, speed, and security. Learn if it’s right for our business. 

In fact, I’ll come along too. It will give me great satisfaction to prove that I am right. 



P.S: You know where to find me if you need to chat. 

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Schepisi is an Australian Telstra business partner.