Head in the clouds: essential components of your cloud transition strategy

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, September 26, 2014

Can your cloud strategist answer these fundamental questions:

  • Why should we consider moving to the cloud?

  • How do we do this?

  • What are all my options?

  • When do we move?

  • Who can move us?

The what, when, how, when and why of moving to the cloud.

Let’s begin with the importance of a solid cloud transition strategy. What’s the point, you may ask?

Here’s the answer: 

Building a cloud solution is the best way to approach cloud migration and transition. This is the most successful and appropriate method, as the cloud is built for your business needs, and not the other way around

Makes sense, right? (Of course it does!)

Moving to the cloud

The WHY:

Let’s begin with your goal: you need to understand what you want out of the cloud. Do you want on-demand scalability? Improved flexibility? A globalised workforce?  

The initial strategy creation, prepared (and then executed) entirely by Schepisi, is based around your business, and your business only. Cutting corners only blurs the clarity of the purpose of the cloud. A clear strategy answers the “why?”.  

The HOW:

Can your data be moved to the cloud? Is there a benefit, or is data better left as is?

Furthermore, are you a good candidate? (Err, what even constitutes a “good candidate”?)

Schepisi’s initial business analysis will take a comprehensive look at all facets of operation to determine whether a scalable cloud solution is right for you.


What other options do you have? 

A crucial part of the analysis, this step looks at the potential marriage between you and the cloud, and determines whether it’s a suitable solution for not only your business model, but your data, expenses, and resources, too. 

The WHEN: 

When will this transition occur?

Your cloud provider should explain what will happen not only during cloud transition, but in preparation for the move to the cloud.

The WHO:

Who can best support your business goals, and do they create a bespoke strategy; one that isn't a cookie-cutter solution? Does their transition, solution, and strategy fit my business model?

The most important element of your cloud strategy is the marriage between the following necessities. You need a cloud provider who:

a) clearly and realistically explain the benefits, opportunities, risks and hindrances associated with a cloud migration strategy.

b) manages and executes the entire cloud transition - from strategy creation to app deployment - without wasting your valuable business time.

Cloud transition

Make sense of the cloud and realistically determine and explain any limitations or hindrances.

A stress-free cloud transition means minimal disruption to your day-to-day business, and take relief in this statement:

Schepisi’s Telstra cloud experts manage every detail of your business’ move to the cloud - that’s right, from the framework of your cloud transition strategy to the migration and deployment of cloud apps, you don't need to lift a finger!

Schepisi is an Australian Telstra business partner.