The SIX elements of cloud computing | Part 1: STRATEGY and FINANCE

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, May 01, 2015

This is part one of a three-part blog series that delves deep into six important elements of cloud computing. Over the next few months we will touch on these six considerations that help facilitate cloud computing decisions. Today we begin with the first two elements; they are the cloud strategy and finance.

This thorough blog series will to inform and educate you on not only the notion of cloud for business, but also what you need to think about when considering the cloud. Keep an eye out for subsequent parts. We’ll add them here as they become available.


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Element #1: Strategy

What is a cloud strategy?

Cloud computing strategy and finance

Often, there is no single value proposition for every business or service. That’s where the cloud strategy helps immeasurably.

Cloud computing for business is no short-term or quick fire solution. That’s why a strategy – a plan used to govern action towards achieving a sustainable, long-term goal – is paramount. Discovering how the cloud model fits into your many business models is often a complicated endeavour; one that can’t succeed without experienced help.

A cloud strategy isn’t built on hype; it is built on realistic outcomes that align its technology and solutions with your business needs.

Why do I need a cloud strategy?

You need a cloud strategy because not every service necessarily needs to move to the cloud. Yes, the cloud can save you money, but only when the appropriate services are moved.

There is no single solution when it comes to moving to the cloud. There are a myriad of factors to consider, which is why you need a bespoke strategy that is directly correlative of your own business. A clear, defined, useful cloud strategy is specifically tailored for your business.

It will help facilitate a valuable, cost-efficient, secure cloud deployment that can benefit business operations.

Who can help me out?

We can! This is the part where we encourage you to organise a cloud consultation. The first thing we want to do is learn about your business. Then, we can:

  • Use our vast knowledge and experience to devise a custom-made strategy that will work for you

  • Take away the stress and guesswork of devising a cloud strategy

  • Help you devise a tailored program

  • Manage the entire process

Keen? Organise a cloud consultation now.

Element #2: Finance

The pressure is on organisations to reduce spend

If you work in an organisation that is not under pressure to reduce overhead costs, then count yourself lucky!

Many businesses today are feeling the pinch, and Chief Financial Officers (and similar) are the ones expected to seek solutions that will reduce spend. Some are struggling.

This is where the financial element comes into play. It forms a part of the overall strategy (outlined above), where we will examine how the cloud and moving some data to the cloud will influence overhead spend.

Moving to the cloud is far from an overnight journey – so it’s important you’re away of both the short- and long-term financial implications the cloud might pose on your business.

What are the financial aspects I need consider?

As we have said, there is no clear-cut solution when it comes to cloud deployment. Some financial elements you’re likely to encounter, though, include:

  • Infrastructure (initial)

  • Management (ongoing)

  • Add-ons (in terms of additional security, etc.)

  • Extra or retrained staff

A lack of understanding has also been identified by a number of survey respondents as the driver of hidden costs.

Now what?

That’s it for part one, but we’re just getting started! We have a lot more to offer, so keep an eye out for parts two and three, due to land over the next two months. In the meantime you can:

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