Who doesn't want to save money? 5 financial benefits of cloud computing

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, October 31, 2014

By now, I’m sure you’re familiar with some of the tangible benefits of cloud computing. This post is going to focus on one of them. The one that can often be a sensitive or stressful issue. 

Sometimes, it even keeps people up at night, with thoughts churning over and over in their head. 

Of course, it’s money. More specifically, how to save money! 

Further, though, it’s not solely about saving money. It’s also about spending your budget more efficiently, getting more out of your spend, and taking better control over you spend. 

reduce it costs with the cloud

How can cloud computing save you money?

What are some of the ways the cloud can save you money? Here are five top benefits.

1) Reduce IT costs

The end-user --you! -- of cloud-based services pay only for what you use. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on acquiring, deploying and maintaining equipment through your IT team.

2) No more hardware maintenance costs

Ah, bless. No longer will you need to worry about fixing and maintaining your servers, even your private ones! So instead of purchasing hardware in-house, your needs are left to your vendor. 

Through a Telstra cloud dealer, everything is taken care of for you. 


3) Scale up or down as you need to

Are you the type of company who has noticeable peaks and troughs throughout the year? 

Does business slow right down around the Christmas and New Year period, or do you find winter is your Achilles heel? Save money during these slower trade times by scaling down your cloud usage. You can do this by removing users or lowering storage. 

Perhaps you’ve launched a holiday campaign and you need to scale up? 

Dynamic scalability means you can take better control over you spend, and only pay for what you need. 

4) Take advantage of apps, software and programs

These cost savings can help you to make smarter and more useful spending decisions. Instead of pouring budget into IT or hardware costs, can you stretch your budget further? 

How can you take advantage of various software, services, apps, and other resources that can help business operations.

It mightn't necessarily be a matter of spending less money, but rather spending money in more efficient ways to get the most for your business. Could your business benefit from software and app integration, for an affordable monthly fee?

5) Pay-as-you-go payment models

Instead of an upfront licence, you do not need to take the risk of investing a ton of money only to find the cloud computing solution is not quite right for you, or isn't working quite like you had intended, expected, or hoped. 

Our pay-as-you-go cloud computing model means you can instantly start using extensive cloud solutions, even when you don’t yet have the extensive funds available up front.

Can the cloud save money for small and large businesses alike?

There’s not really a definitive answer here. It would be presumptuous of us to declare that every business should move to the cloud and can save money with the cloud: remember, the cloud is not for every business model. 

Cost efficient cloud computing

But in short, larger businesses can gain the freedom of complete flexibility and scalability, and they can deploy new software to staff in a much shorter timeframe. 

Smaller businesses can take control of their IT budget and allocate it in a much more productive and applicable way. A full-blown IT team is probably not in their budget’s near future, but software deployment - through the cloud - opens up fresh business opportunities they might not have gained otherwise.

What works for one business will not necessarily work the best for another. 

So what’s the best thing you can do? Organise a consultation, of course. 

No two businesses are alike, no two companies, brands, working cultures and budgets are the same. Can a cost-efficient cloud service change your business? 

Organise your consultation today!

Schepisi is an Australian Telstra business partner.