A cloud on the horizon: 5 things to look for in a cloud host

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, April 01, 2016

The future is in the cloud…

We bet you’ve heard that maybe once, twice, or a hundred times. And it’s not wrong.

Organisations are learning that the cloud can offer them greater insights into corporate-wide performance.

It also offers more speed, increased flexibility, lower overhead costs, and more secure data storage.

But, in order to reach the cloud, one must entail the help from a cloud computing provider. So what should you look for when you start thinking about a move to the cloud?

How to choose a cloud host

Does your cloud computing provider understand your business?

Consider the different sizes of business we normally refer to. A business can usually be categorised into a small business, medium-sized business, large business, or enterprise.

Then consider all the different industries and types of businesses in Australia alone. Your cloud provider must have a clear understanding of the type of business you run, which is the first stepping-stone that guides the rest of the move to the cloud.

Do they know that you are ready to move to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is no mean feat. Yes, businesses will face challenges when it comes to moving to the cloud, so in order to minimise these challenges, your cloud provider must have confidence that your business is ready to move to the cloud.

As important it is to understand your business, we’ve also got to understand the team that drives your business. A forward-thinking group is prepared to learn the skills needed to effectively conduct their business using cloud tools.

Do they know which data should and should not be moved to the cloud?

Yes, it’s true: not all business data needs to (or should) move to the cloud.

But why? Doesn’t moving data to the cloud free up the costs and management associated with on-site servers? Shouldn’t companies be taking advantage of the elastic and cost-effective cloud prices offered?

What ongoing support do they offer?

It’s one thing for a comprehensive cloud strategy and smooth transition, but what about in the future?

A solid and trustworthy cloud provider going above and beyond by offering the best support and the best solutions from the best team!

Ongoing support, including scaling up and down, should be a no-brainer from your cloud host.

Where are their servers located?

It makes sense that a local centre is located right here in Australia, but did you also know that this helps to keeps costs lower?

Local cloud servers deliver high performance and strong security to small and large Australian businesses alike.

Find out from any potential cloud computing provider where their data servers are located.

Are their data centres secure?

Physical data servers are kept secure with 24/7 monitoring and security, while passwords and encryption protect your data electronically.

As much as it pains us to remember complicated passwords for a variety of logins, a strong password is one thing that you as a cloud user must be responsible for.

You can leave the encryption and the rest of the security up to us.

Secure cloud hosting

Is their cloud storage elastic?

One of the outstanding qualities of cloud computing is the elasticity of storage. Essentially, flexible cloud storage means you use as much as you need at any one time – and nothing more.

Further, your cloud computing provider must ensure you and your IT team clearly understand bandwidth allowances and restrictions.

Begin the move to the Telstra cloud with a consultation

Schepisi works closely with large businesses to move data to the secure Telstra cloud. We begin with an initial consultation where we learn more about your business and its current data condition and assess which data may be transferred to one of Telstra’s secure servers (located here in Australia).

The benefit of the Telstra cloud with Schepisi provides that extra layer of service – the process is entirely managed by our cloud experts, so you can rest easy knowing your business data is secure.

What now?

Schepisi is a Telstra business partner in Melbourne