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Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, September 05, 2014

It’s hard to imagine a world where we’re not within arm’s reach of our smartphone, our tablet isn’t on our desk, and our laptop stays at work overnight. 

The combination of our reliance on these devices, combined with the shift from traditional nine-to-five Monday to Friday working hours, has contributed to the growth of business video conferencing.

People are increasingly able to work from home or remotely in other parts of the country or even around the globe. 

An Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) survey found Australia’s “digital workers” squeezed more working time into home life and when travelling. 

Highlighted benefits included flexibility, increased productivity, a better work-life balance, and reduced commute times.

Video conferencing has become an accomplice to workers who realise they no longer need to work solely while chained to the one desk, on the one computer, between 9am and 5pm. 

Business video conferencing has helped to meet the demands of a growing mobile workforce.


Schepisi Lifesize Cloud – enhancing your business video conferencing 

We at Schepisi are incredibly excited to announce Lifesize’s brand-new cloud video conferencing software. 

Keep your team connected even when you’re working remotely, maintain that connection for collaboration and meetings, and eliminate the technical frustration – without the hardware! 

The advantage here is that Lifesize’s new cloud-based system requires only a device with an in-built camera, and an internet connection – and that’s it! 

It’s an on-the-go solution to business video conferencing you really need to experience to believe.

It’s an alternate solution to Lifesize’s on-premise solution. That option is ideal for companies whose technology must stay on-site, who require complete customisation, and demand complete control over structure, whereas Lifesize Cloud works without the hardware. Just log on, and you’re in!

How to make the right impression with business video conferencing 

Video conferencing maintains a degree of personal interaction that can be lost on a phone call or conference. 

Being able to see your conference guests – even if they’re physically on the other side of the world – allows you to get to know your network, while simultaneously allowing them to recognise you: how many times have you heard that phrase “it’s nice to finally put a face to your name!”?

Business video conferencing

Additionally, some of the most common outcomes of successful video conferencing involves increased efficiency and productivity

Discussions have more impact, people are working more effectively, and there is less downtime between meetings. 

Put simply: you’re working smarter, without complications.


What’s the value of Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing? 

In a video conferencing system, people are looking for three main things: the ability to hear all participants clearly, technology that is simple to operate, and the capability to maintain eye contact. 

Lifesize’s crystal clear audio and visual eliminates awkward pauses, out-of-sync dialogue and crackly sound, and its exceptionally simple start up means your meetings begin with a click. 

Regardless of your location, rely on seamless video conferencing to maintain your professionalism while reducing downtime spent travelling across various time zones. 

Cloud video conferencing collaborates with mobile business to easily create online meetings. 

It really is that effortless!

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