How does expense management control an expanding business?

Posted by: Schepisi - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The bad news?

As a business grows (especially a business that’s growing faster than you might’ve anticipated), spend can quickly spiral out of control. Without the proper management, your business will struggle to monitor, assess, and accurately distribute spend.

The good news?

There is a solution available to businesses of all sizes – and as such, businesses experiencing rapid growth. That solution is called Tangoe. Read on to learn how an expense management system can help control a growing business.

expense management
How many devices do you use for work?

A single solution

As businesses expand, management struggles to control expenses. That's where Tangoe comes in. Tangoe is your complete communications management solution that measures, assesses, and records spend at each stage of your communications lifecycle.

Perhaps you start off as a single-location business but grow to offer offices around the country or globe. You need a robust telcom expense management system supports a growing business through each stage of the communications lifecycle.

Actionable data and analytics

With Tangoe, you and your business’s spend becomes visible and actionable: see who spends what and where and why they spend it, and create actionable strategies to gain control over your business’s spend.

Promote crystal-clear visibility from the get-go and develop techniques that can be used now and as you grow in the future.


Mobile device management

We couldn’t mention telecommunication expense management without talking about mobiles, could we? Of course not!

What was originally perceived as a bit of a risky move, BYOD has exploded amongst businesses of all sizes and all around the world. We’re not confined to a desk so why not use a device we already have to increase productivity and turn work into an “anywhere-anytime” model?

As mobile usage grows in businesses of all sizes (74% of organisations are already or planning to allow employees to bring – and use – their own devices at work), the black and white metaphor becomes more like a dozen shades of grey.

If a business is going to open its doors to BYOD, it needs a solution looking out for them, by identifying these three main pain points:

  • Overages
  • Data spend
  • Errors

Global support

If you manage or are part of an expanding business that is going global, you might be learning just how difficult it is to accurately manage spending, budgeting, and invoicing.

With a Tangoe expense management system, you can manage spend in all your global locations and offices. It’s that straightforward.

A paperless process

Think tax time and maybe even five years ago you were thinking of shoe boxes filled to the brim with receipts from each and every business transaction. Say goodbye to paper receipts with a fully paperless process.

Everything is stored in a cloud-based solution and accessible whenever you need it. (We’ve got the power of the cloud to thank for that.)

Tangoe cloud-based software

Simplified reporting

Surely you know by now how draining the process of reporting can be. Not anymore, though!

You can say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to fully automated lifecycle expenses across every aspect of business spend.

Global telecom expenses may include:

  • Personal assets and devices
  • Phone bills
  • Device repair or replacement
  • Billing errors
  • Data usage


With near-instant analytics, you can, at a glance, detect your business’s current spending situation. Identify the pain points by comparing month-to-month spend, categorised by device, user, or department.

What do people want from their expense manager?

Aberdeen Group conducted a survey and found the top-value features of an expense manager included:

  • Visibility and control
  • Inventory tracking
  • Efficient invoice processing
  • The ability to reduce costs

These four features actually form a kind of pathway, where the next is dependent on the previous. Tangoe offers visibility in order for managers or financial officers to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Its aim is to make disputing invoices, allocating costs, and paying bills simple. By accurately and efficiently detecting errors or overspend, you can create actionable plans to help save your business telco spend in the future.

Interested in a Tangoe expense management solution for your business?

Here’s what you can do:

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2. Read more about Tangoe expense management from Schepisi

3. Contact Schepisi now to learn more about Tangoe or to organise a meeting

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