How to set up your video conferencing room

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, February 22, 2016

A cutting-edge video conferencing room take your meetings from good to AMAZING.

Turn monotonous meetings into dynamic discussions with the right conference room set up!

So what elements of a video conferencing room should you think about?

Video conferencing room

Colour palette

Muted colours like light grey, cream, or pale shades fit in well to a conference room. They are not overbearing and create a bright, clear background from which a user can participate in a meeting.

Wall furnishings

Keep it simple. Avoid distracting or loud photographs or artwork that detract from the view (you!). Also, certain colours and patterns don’t translate well on screen, so avoid loud stripes or zigzags.

Screen: projector or flat screen TV?

It depends not only on your budget but also on the function of your room. Is your room used for in-person meetings as well as video conferences? Or is it solely designed for the video conference conversation?

A projector screen is great because it can be hidden when it is not in use. A projector screen is a versatile tool that can be used for a multitude of purposes. But, if your needs require it, you might like to instead mount three large TV screens – side-by-side – for a dynamic, multi-location video conference.


The most popular set-up will be that that mimics a regular conference or meeting room. A large, oval-shaped table where participants are slightly skewed towards one end of the room to face the other end: the head or lead of the meeting, and, in this case, the screen on which your meeting takes place.

Windows and curtains

The obvious drawback here is the bright light than can hinder an otherwise pretty perfect video conference, especially if a window is behind you. Natural light can be a perfect feature of a video conference, but, if glare or shadows are obscuring subjects, consider the benefit of heavy or blackout curtains.

Windowless rooms are a popular choice for video conference rooms, but if your room serves multiple purposes (or if you’re not building a room from scratch), eliminating windows mightn’t be too achievable.

Set up a test video conference to see whether natural light is sufficient, or whether you should block out the natural light and use artificial light.

Controllers and devices

A central hub will usually house all necessary devices – but with the amazing technology we use today, you’re probably going to be controlling your video conference from your tablet or smartphone!

These wireless devices can be moved around as necessary and hidden away when not in use, keeping your room clear for purposes other than a video meeting.

Vibrant video conferencing brings meetings to life

Seeing design sketches and plans come to life in your business’s meeting room is truly exciting.

Can’t wait to hold your first video conference? Get the right equipment for your needs, budget, and business. Create an experience that’s sure to not only ‘wow’ your guests or meeting participants, but creates a dynamic, productive, and lively discussion, too!

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