CASE STUDY: Schepisi and Meru’s Wi-Fi technologies in elderly care

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, May 19, 2014

Last year, Schepisi managed Meru’s WiFi integration for all 22 facilities of the Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution (RFBI)

Together, Meru, Schepisi, and RBFI came up with a solution for the facilities to help improve staff productivity and maximise care time to RFBI’s residents.

RFBI provides nursing care to 2200 elderly residents in 22 facilities across NSW and ACT.

Schepisi managed Meru WiFi's integration.

A 1200-strong staff is dedicated to improving residents’ safety and quality of care, and increasing productivity in order to spend more time with their residents.

RFBI has seen a shift in residents’ needs, and wanted a reliable and scalable communications system in all their facilities that doesn’t require on-site technical support.

Schepisi Communications – Telstra Business Partner

Telstra business partner Schepisi Communications was selected by Telstra – Australia’s largest communications provider – to manage a complete communications solution for RFBI.

Schepisi created a strategy and completed installation of access points to set up an end-to-end communications package in all RFBI facilities.


Why Meru?

RFBI looked at several Wi-Fi providers, and evaluated each to determine who could best fulfil its needs. Meru’s satisfied customers helped RFBI’s CIO Andrew Alpe make a decision: “Meru came up very favourably. We … spoke to Meru customers who were all very happy with the network.”

RFBI needed a solution that could:

  • Create a more comfortable setting with many check-ups now able to take place in residents’ rooms

  • Improve staff productivity and responsiveness (which as a result means higher satisfaction from residents)

  • Be easily managed off-site

 Schepisi was selected by Telstra to manage the communications solution.

New technology through Meru’s WiFi technology included:

iCare aged care electronic health records:

These records, accessed via the Meru Wi-Fi network, means nurses do not have to waste time moving from room to room to locate documents, files, and charts. 

Real-time location system (RTLS):

The RTLS would enable residents to call for help regardless of their location within each facility’s grounds. Previously, this system was only useful if a resident could access a specific call point on a wall – this of course is not always possible.

iPads for residents:

The study raises a great point: we are now seeing the first generation of baby boomers entering the aged care facility bracket. Many of these baby boomers have embraced the Internet, including services like email and Skype, and social media platforms like Facebook.

RFBI and Meru agree that these services should now be offered to those in aged care.

Staff can bring residents an iPad so they can reply to emails, and chat with friends and family through Skype.

Here’s a touching reaction from a 100-year-old resident when he found out that he was going to have access to Wi-Fi:

“Fantastic. I can join my laptop and iPad to the network and speak to my relatives.”

telstra business dealer

Increase privacy, integrity, modesty for residents

Doctors and nurses can now care for residents from the residents’ own rooms, ensuring privacy, integrity, and modesty for elderly residents.

At the end of the day, it’s about creating an efficient team without compromising value and excellence, all while making residents feel comfortable and safe.


Although to you and I, RFBI’s facilities may be just that – facilities – they are home to a great number of elderly residents. Meru wireless has provided an opportunity to increase the comfort of these places people see as their “home”.

The Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institute, combined with Meru’s network from Schepisi, is benefiting from:
•    An increase in staff productivity
•    Staff spending more time with residents
•    Improved care, comfort, and safety
•    Increased satisfaction from residents, employees and volunteers

Schepisi is a trusted Telstra Business Partner.