Choose a Mitel business phone system to solve these communication blunders

Posted by: Schepisi - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Communication is one of those elements of human nature that always seems to challenge us.

Whether it’s misreading a text message, playing phone tag by constantly missing calls, or wasting time trying to conduct a meeting, clear communication is a crucial part of any business. 

The following communication blunders can be absolved with a robust business phone system than can handle even the most demanding telco needs. Today, we’re focusing on the Mitel phone system.

Mitel business phone system blog post

Blunder #1: you miss too many messages

No matter what we do, there will always be a time where we step out of the office or miss a phone call when we are in a meeting – and that’s OK.

What’s crucial, though, is that messages do not get lost in a sea of other tasks; rather they’re accessed and actioned in a timely manner.

If messages are slipping through the cracks you need a unified communications solution.

A Mitel business solution can iron out the bumps when it comes to accessing and addressing missed messages through tactics like mobile forwarding or voicemail to email capabilities.

Blunder #2: your business doesn’t communiacate properly

Forget about your leads and prospects for a moment, and think instead about your own team:

  • How many departments are there?

  • Do walls, suburbs, or oceans separate you?

  • How often are you communicating with different teams?

  • How often should you be communicating with these people?

Communication problems can often not be solved externally until you address internal issues first.

Blunder #3: remote workers feel disconnected

Today’s technological capabilities allow workers more freedom when it comes to the way they work. One of our favourite phrases captures this sentiment perfectly:

Work is a thing you do, not a place you go.

Flexibility in the workplace can help create a more diverse, wide spanning, and happy group of employees.

But, when poor telecommunications are put in place, remote workers can begin to feel isolated from their counterparts in the office.

Communication between colleagues lessens; the dynamic element of constant, quality communication seems to have diminished. This results in lower productivity throughout your whole team, but most noticeably, through your remote or home workers.

Blunder #4: an older system lacks functionality

When you lack functionality, you’re missing out on ways to maximise business communication.

Companies putting up with outdated phone systems mightn’t realise how their business might transform with an updated and modernised phone system.

And it can be hard to shift a stalwart opinion.

But an outdated phone system:

  • Can pose a security threat

  • Make a company look ‘out-of-touch’

  • Is expensive to maintain

  • Offers limited functionality

(This blog post has more details on how an outdated business phone system is failing your business)

Combine the hindrances above and you can’t be too surprised to learn that business communication is suffering.


Blunder #5: meetings become more and more unproductive

Ask any employee their top five pet peeves at work and no doubt the majority will name wasteful meetings in there.

While you feel a meeting is important to conduct on a periodic basis, you’re starting to feel that they are taking up too much time and not achieving as much as you’d like.

A streamlined communications network provides a myriad of ways in which teams, employees, and managers can get in touch. Unified communications combines the best communications methods into one system, so your employees can choose to conduct a meeting in their preferred manner.

A business phone system can replace an in-person meeting

Quick weekly catch up to discuss current projects?

A Mitel business phone system can control a conference call between the marketing team.

Want to meet with a potential lead, but they’re overseas or interstate?

Of course business travel is not always avoidable, but a more cost-efficient (and time-saving) solution in addition to conference calls includes video conferencing.

How do Mitel phones and Schepisi service stand out?

Beyond creating and deploying a seamless business telecommunications system, Schepisi clients are rewarded with the bonus of what we call an extra layer of service – we know you’re busy, which is why we provide exceptional service whenever you need it.

That means your business can enjoy hassle-free communications from a Mitel phone system combined with steadfast support from Schepisi.

Improve communication with a Mitel business phone system, managed by Schepisi

A well-engineered business phone system will transform an office that suffers from poor communication into an interconnected business that joins workers, leads, clients, partners, and more.

If you’re tired of poor telecommunications holding your business back, let’s discuss a Mitel business phone system. Click here to get in touch with a Schepisi expert today.

Schepisi is a Telstra business partner in Melbourne