Offer stellar customer service with well-trained staff and a Mitel phone system

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, February 17, 2014

Customer service is a part of a successful business, not an extension.

Customers expect clear help and advice when enquiring about your products or services, which is why businesses are committed to providing knowledgeable customer service representatives (CSRs).

A Mitel phone system for business can improve your call centre. 

That, and a reliable, high quality Mitel phone system, combine to form a service that is highly valued and appreciated, resulting in happy, returning customers, positive word-of-mouth reviews, and boosted staff morale.

Advice for customer service representatives

CSRs should be:

  • Timely: it’s safe to assume nobody really likes being kept on hold or being passed from one person to another when trying to obtain information or help from any business.

  • Transparent: your customers shouldn’t have to dig very deep to find out how they can get in touch with you and your business, who can best answer their questions, and what they can expect when they call you for help.

  • Efficient: Customers except to talk to someone who is professional and useful! Well-trained CSR staff, who can effectively solve a problem or answer a question as effectively as possible will leave a refreshing, positive impression with a loyal customer.

  • Helpful: this one is pretty straightforward. A customer calls you because they want an answer. Make sure you listen to their queries, ask relevant questions, and never assume. Remember, your customers don’t have as much knowledge as you about your product or service: be clear, and speak in layman’s terms.

  • Personable: be human! Acknowledge an error with a sincere apology, and build a friendly repertoire with this customer. This emotional relationship can help ensure customers feel valued and welcomed. This infographic shows that 35 per cent of customers stop doing business with a company if they experience poor customer service, and 52 per cent tell friends and family about their poor experience!

How can a Mitel phone system help my customer service reps?

Oftentimes, a customer won’t really care whether you’re a small, family-run business or a 500-staff enterprise; ultimately, they want to know that whoever they speak to can address their issue, make them feel welcome, and solve a problem, all in a timely, professional, and friendly manner.  

A quality phone service, combined with well-trained, professional CSRs, will help to ensure your loyal patrons begin and end their call positively, with the answers they sought or the help they needed.

A streamlined Mitel phone system from Schepisi offers ease of use, resulting in a more productive environment and a more effective customer service procedure.

With a Mitel phone system, you can confidently expect a simple and straightforward answer and transfer system at a highly competitive price.

Small and large business phone system solutions

Customers are the foundation of your business – we all know this. Success of a business is often dependent on good, knowledgeable staff, here to help, combined with a reliable phone service.

Mitel’s phone systems are designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t take away the feature-rich quality of the phones. Schepisi can offer a customised solution for both small and large businesses.

  • The Mitel® 5000 Communications Platform can satisfy small business needs, providing a simple-to-use interface and offering the cost-effective benefits of VoIP technology. It’s a small business phone solution that just works!

  • The Mitel 3300 Controller for Business is a powerful yet easy to operate phone system. Combining flexibility and outstanding performance with a super-affordable price point means the Mitel 3300 provides the features and flexibility a growing business depends on.

Set your customer communication standards high with a modern, functional and tailored Mitel phone system solution from Schepisi – contact us or request a call today!  

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