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Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine’s Day has just passed, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about one of the best relationships in your communications cycle: Business Mobile Phones and Mobile Device Management.

mobile device management

Mobile Device Management (also referred to as Mobile Expense Management) can eradicate head-on some of the major challenges associated with large mobile fleets. While smartphones exponentially increase workplace productivity, and enable on-the-go communications, there are, understandably, some concerns that need to be addressed.

Security, usage, cost, and productivity are the top four that immediately come to mind. When mobile device management is successfully implemented into your business structure, you’re immediately gaining control of data usage and therefore spend. Read on to find out more about this important business communication relationship, and how we can help you manage it.

Business mobile phones without restrictions can equal disaster... terms of unnecessary and unconstrained spend, out of control bills, and unruly data usage.

BYOD, when it is not governed by clear, simple and appropriate restrictions and allowances, becomes unruly, compromises safety and security, and unwaveringly burns through data and therefore costs.

Further, BYOD implementation that is unrestricted by policy opens the opportunity for viruses, malware, and data theft. 

This is where mobile device management fits in

Mobile Device Management is a service many telecommunications providers will offer their clients who use a various number of devices for business purposes, most particularly mobile phones and smartphones (but also tablets and laptops).

MDM is intentional software that is implemented with the overarching aim of restricting, limiting and segmenting who has access to what on the aforementioned devices. 

Staff who access business data

If your staff is accessing corporate data and using smartphones for business purposes, you need to look at mobile device management as a tool to help reduce overheads and improve allowances, rather than a limiting tools that strips staff of full device usage. 

Your staff should not feel threatened by these restrictions; instead, they need to understand that this is simply a means to better manage your mobile fleet, which in turn helps you manage costs, too. 

What kind of guidelines could I implement?

– Screen lock passwords

– Enforce regular updates that ensure devices are running on the latest operating systems

– Consider creating profiles for different levels of users that clearly define what they do and do not have access to

– Think about offline access prevention, and whether you need to consider restricting access to sensitive or private information only when employees are connected to the corporate network

These are just a handful of many guidelines you can consider to ensure your network and business data remains secure.

How do you manage your mobile fleet?

Mobile Device Management provides convenient management capabilities that keeps your mobile fleet secure and keeps you up-to-date with best practices.

As mentioned above, we also want to ensure that corporate expectations match up with mobile user expectations. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s quite likely you’ll come across some roadblocks. That’s where we can help, though...

Secure mobile solutions from Schepisi 

Spend less time and effort managing and configuring staff profiles and allowances – leave it up to a business that understands your specific, intricate needs.

We’ll help you break down the typical features and work together to determine your organisations requirements.

Need to blacklist a website like Facebook? We’ll do it. Want it blacklisted for just one segment of staff? We’ll do that too. In fact, we’ll help you create profiles that have various degrees of allowances, and we’ll keep your employees in check.

Find out more about mobile device management and create secure mobile solutions for your mobile fleet by speaking to Schepisi’s mobile device management experts today.

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