On-premise vs. cloud PART I: why choose on-premise video conferencing?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, April 10, 2015

Welcome to a two-part blog series on the differences and criteria that define on-premise and in the cloud video conferencing. We have briefly touched on both on-premise and cloud video conferencing in this blog post, but this time, we want to delve deeper.

[UPDATE: you can find part two, why choose cloud video conferencing, here]

This series aims to cover the general definition of video conferencing, some well-known advantages, and the things that split these two models apart. What’s the right choice for you, your budget, and your business situation?

Read on to learn more about the perfect candidate for on-premise video conferencing hardware. Let’s get started.

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What is on-premise?

On-premise refers to both the software AND the hardware associated with Lifesize’s on-premise video conferencing system that remains on a business’s private site.

On-premise covers the software needed to privately and completely internally manage and run Lifesize video conferencing.

Here, your main needs for choosing on-premise equipment include control and the ability to mitigate complete privacy over your video conferencing hardware and software.

Why would I choose on-premise video conferencing?

You’re a general manager, financial officer, IT director, CEO, or communications specialist who understand the value and dynamics that video conferencing can bring to your everyday business communications.

If your business consistently liaises with any other business, whether it is a client, a partner, a vendor or a sponsor, you need communication options that will maximise productivity, come with a slew of features, and, above all, help you conduct business conversations that are seamless and more efficient.

That breakfast meeting you have scheduled with your Sydney team? Use Lifesize. What about that product pitch to the guys in Chicago? With Lifesize video conferencing, set up takes mere seconds, you can share documents between both parties, and you get the added bonus of personalising a conversation with face-to-face interaction.

Holding a video conference eliminates time wasted waiting for email replies, and goes above and beyond a regular conference call by adding that face-to-face value. Above all, the simplest request, that video conferencing be flawless, have no delays, and provide crystal clear video becomes a reality.

Find out how you can conduct a successful video conference here.

What are the fundamentals of on-site video conferencing?

Lifesize’s on-premise communication solution is a robust system for businesses and IT and tech department that demand full customisation, full control, and full scalability of their complete video conferencing system.

On-premise software (and hardware) is installed on-site and is operated from the inside. Typically, you will need a software licence for each end user of your video conferencing system.

What else do you think I should know?

The next couple of paragraphs summarise on-premise video conferencing features and may help identify the big business needs that these VC tools can provide.

On-premise is a secure solution for enterprise businesses that are concerned with keeping business data on-site. It’s ideal for organisations that have an in-house IT manager and IT staff, and generally, whose integration period is longer and more intricate and complex.

As a result, this often means that there is a higher cost of entry. If you’re a big business with a healthy budget, then you understand the need to seamlessly communicate with people all over the world as well as your internal staff. Above all, though, you understand the need to maintain and manage your own hardware, on site, by an in-house IT team.

The peace of mind that your VC model is completely managed on-site is what makes on-premise video conferencing an ideal choice for you, your employees, and your business.

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