On-premise vs. cloud part II: why choose video conferencing in the cloud?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, April 24, 2015

Welcome to the second part of our two-part blog series, which focuses on two popular video conferencing formats. 

Part one looked closely at on-premise video conferencing, and how its ideal candidates include big businesses that liaise constantly with regional, national or international customers, clients and partners on a regular basis. It is also great for businesses that find they lose a lot of valuable time and money to business travel.

This time around, we want to take a close look at cloud video conferencing. What is it? Who might like to use cloud software over on-premise hardware?

(Psst, you can find part one, why choose on-premise video conferencing, here.)

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What is Lifesize Cloud video conferencing?

Personal laptops can transform into rich one-on-one or group discussions in a comfortable and relaxed yet still professional setting with cloud video conferencing from Lifesize.

Lifesize Cloud video conferencing solutions from Schepisi

No hardware is required for this communication solution, as it all happens with just the click of a button plus your internet connection.

Content sharing with Lifesize Cloud is as easy as anything. You can share your desktop while you’re on a call, so all you need to do is open your slideshow and begin your presentation.

One-click video conferencing can begin as soon as you and your participants are ready – there’s no need to schedule a meeting!

Who might like using Lifesize Cloud as their video conferencing solution?

Business owners with a smaller budget

Cloud video conferencing opens up a whole lot of opportunity for businesses or business owners with a smaller budget or who find themselves frequenting different locations and who need a less fixed, more on-the-move solution.

Businesses with no dedicated IT team

Lifesize Cloud is low maintenance, so it doesn’t require a robust IT team to take care of any technical issues and you and your team won’t struggle to get your meetings and presentations started.

Remote workers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular. 

With the myriad of technology available to us, video conferencing is just one more to add to the pack. 

The freedom to work from one’s home office creates a flexible working environment, and video conferencing can slot in well and helps professionals keep in touch with co-workers and employees in different locations or time zones.

Cloud video conferencing can be an integral video conferencing solution, especially if you are a smaller business that doesn’t have either the budget or the IT specialists (or both) to effectively and strategically run and maintain on-premise video conferencing hardware.

Can I really hold conferences at home, beyond that corporate boardroom, with video conferencing software?

As far as audio and video quality goes, then yes – absolutely! 

But there are a few things that are up to you: 

– Take note of your backdrop (especially if you’re at home – no dirty clothes or dishes, please!)

– Dress well (stick to plain colours, not complex patterns that don’t transfer well on video)

– Eliminate background noise and distractions (including yelping puppies, crying babies or interrupting teens)

The freedom and ability to hold (virtual) face-to-face meetings with video conferencing software facilitates meeting flow, promotes quicker and more efficient information exchange, and can be achieved with a smaller budget that on-premise video conferencing.

There is no hardware required for Lifesize Cloud, so it’s a great option for those who don’t require hardware to remain on-site; rather, they will use Lifesize’s own VC software.

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