10 quick tips about our expense management system

Posted by: Schepisi - Thursday, July 17, 2014

You’re efficient, economical, and hard-working - so it’s fair that your expense management system is the same! 

If you’re an accounts or finance manager, you know how daunting it can be analysing pages and pages of bills, keeping an eye out for overcharging or overspend. 

Furthermore, once you’ve identified overspend, how on earth do you go about managing it, minimising the chance that it’s going to happen again? 

Here are ten quick tips about Tangoe’s expense management system that can help you manage costs of all communication assets in your business.

How does your current system compare?

expense management system

1. Choose a system that manages more than just usage spend

Tangoe’s expense management system administers the complete lifestyle of communications assets and services. 

In addition to usage, it can also help manage assets and expenses from start to finish!

2. An expense management system should minimise manual


Tangoe automates all billing aspects: it can audit invoices, manage billing disputes, allocate costs, approve invoices, and so much more. 

Eliminate that financial headache and transform the way you manage communication expenses with an effective expense management system.

3. Does your expense manager offer enterprise solutions?

Telecommunication is evolving right before our eyes, so we’ve got to be on top of the game at all times! 

Schepisi’s expense manager from Tangoe has the ability to support big businesses as they evolve. 

It can help simplify complex processes associated with fixed and mobile communications for even the largest enterprises.

4. Does your expense manager know who’s spending what?

The most common company positions who maximise communication spend visibility are chief information officers (CIOs) and chief financial officers (CFOs). 

Tangoe will help expense managers answer:

  • Are we on budget?

  • How much are we spending?

  • Can we afford to spend more?

  • Are we paying for what we need?

And, more specifically:

  • Where is most of our spend going?

  • How much is each department spending?

  • How does what we are paying for compare with what we are really using?

5. Integrates with your business’s BYOD strategy

Bring Your Own Device has quickly become the norm in many global businesses, promoting offsite work and constant collaboration. 

Tangoe can integrate all your employees’ personal devices into the one expense management dashboard so you can see who’s spending what, making your BYOD integration simpler.

6. Does your expense management team know what it wants to achieve?

Are you encountering too many errors in spend reports, or are you simply spending too much valuable time sorting through bills? 

By knowing your expense management team’s pain points, you can enable Tangoe to provide you with the best possible solution for your business.

7. Promotes crystal clear reports

expense management

Visibility and control over global communication spend is a major attraction of Tangoe, and often one of – if not the most – sought after feature by customers.

You can drill down to specific department or employee spend to accurately see where expenditure is at its highest or lowest. 

If you’re a manager in charge of fleet mobile billing, Tangoe’s clarity will be invaluable to you!

8. A distinct company expense policy

The policy will not only dictate expectations to your employees, but it will fulfil your obligation to provide genuine and appropriate expenses. 

Additionally, provide guidelines and expectations before any employee spending. You can even reward them for adhering to their given spend – and saving you money!

9. End-to-end management

End-to-end is often a jargon business term thrown around the internet far too often, but there really is no other way to describe the way Tangoe can manage costs across the whole communications lifecycle, or, in other words, from one end to the other! 

One solution for this whole lifecycle eliminates any middle layers that can waste time or impact productivity.

We’re always on the go – sometimes it feels like business never rests! Well – neither does Tangoe.

10. Maximises ROI

expense manager

There’s not much point in measuring and reporting business communication spend if it’s too tricky to determine if your return on investment is worth it! 

Tangoe allows you to periodically calculate ROI on communication expenses to ensure your overall spend is justified by worker productivity!

Save time and work smarter! Tangoe’s ease of use lets you manage expenses more efficiently, so you can get back to actually running your business. 

To learn more about how Tangoe gives you the power to manage your entire communications spend, get in touch with a Schepisi expert today!

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