Where is the ROI in expense management?

Posted by: Schepisi - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Big businesses with multiple telecom set-ups and solutions can easily become overwhelmed with all the encompassing spend.

Who spent what during which month, and where are we spending too much?

Where do we need to realistically contribute a higher budget, and where can spend be reduced?

It can get awfully confusing awfully quickly for your IT and accounting departments.

Expense Management ROI

Tangoe expense management (also known as Telecom Expense Management, or ‘TEM’)  is a valuable tool that allows you to monitor spend, and as a result, act accordingly and see where more or less spend needs to be allocated.

Spend visibility makes it easier to pick out inconsistencies or variances, due to either a billing error or exuberant spend.

How Tangoe Telecom Expense Management (TEM) contributes to your ROI

Time and productivity

The efficient manner in which you and your entire team can create and lodge expense claims reduces the time you spend sorting through bills and receipts.

Further, many businesses find it inefficient manually processing and imputing data. The solution saves you time (and money!) by eliminating human labour costs, or, at the very least, greatly reducing them.

Save time and increase business productivity with a system available anywhere you have an internet connection. You’re not restricted to monitoring expense only when you’re tied to your desk and can lodge receipts in real-time.

Real-time accuracy

The larger your business, the harder it may be to understand exactly who owns what. It can feel tremendously overwhelming and disappointing when disputes are passed unnoticed, and you’re left trying to scrape up a reason for that anomalous spend.

It’s frustrating.

Expense management software, however, allows for real-time reporting so you can see exactly what was spent, where, and why. Better yet, it also uses predictive methods to avoid the potential of costly overages.


OK, OK, so ROI is identified in many ways (like those above), but sometimes all you want to hear is about the cost benefits.

So here you go…

Tangoe expense management can impact your bottom line by:

  • Monitoring fluctuations and therefore instantly take action with the right management tools
  • Auditing to identify and rectify billing errors
  • Optimising carrier plans using vigilant analytics for groups and individual device users
  • Finding lost and stolen devices using real-time GPS tracking before unsolicited spend
  • Deploying real-time roaming notifications to catch you before you spend!
  • Enforcing policies governing overages
  • Creating boundaries around off-hour usage
  • Imposing cut-offs

In fact, Tangoe Expense Management typically pays for itself within the first month, just from carrier overcharge prevention alone! Now that’s impressive.

Save time, money, and the grief that comes along with tricky manual number inputs with solid expense management software that can handle your big business and extensive telecommunications network.

From mobile devices with a single user to fully-fledged mobile fleets of hundreds of phones, to invoice input and cost allocation, an all-in-one solution offers more than financial ROI.

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