Selling a service: the five factors that keep B2B customers happy

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, March 06, 2015

All businesses want to grow. That’s a given. They want to grow, they want to stay competitive in their respective markets, and they want to be consistently innovative.

But sometimes, along the way, they need some help. And that’s where another business comes in to play. Selling a service to another business can often start out as an intangible measure: what exactly are we paying for? Why are we “buying” into this service? (I use inverted commas around the word buying for an important reason, which you can read further down.)

selling a B2B service

Essentially, businesses expect a benefit. Actually, they are looking for five benefits, and these are the factors we’re going to look at today. What does a business want when they “buy” a service from another business? B2B marketing involves transactions of a service (or of a product) between businesses, rather than B2C (business-to-consumer, commonly retailers) and B2G (business-to-government).

The B2B experience

Businesses are looking for five things when they invest in a service from another business. These six factors, brilliantly surmised by Tom Egelhoff in this article, satisfy a need or a want and avoid a pain or loss of an individual or in this case, a business. They are:


This one can be summed up in five words: financial gain, freedom, and reassurance. These five words are the financial security businesses will crave when they choose to use a service to help them. How can you put a value on your service?


This ties into the above (in fact, as you read through, you’ll see many overlap and are related), but this factor touches on the need to feel safe. This could, of course, refer to financial safety, but also safety amongst the industry and when compared to peers, as well as the avoidance of worry. Does our service take away the pain or worry about dealing with a certain task?


This is a real clincher that moves away from the psychological need of self-preservation and moves to a human demand. Is the service you provide a great resource? Is it efficient? Will it help save me time?

On that note, may we chime in? With Schepisi, you’re granted your very own customer care manager. That means (and rejoice with us) that when you call us, you will speak to the same person, every time. This person knows your account, knows your business, knows the components of your communication, and, above all, knows you! Detailed customer profiles keep our amazing reps updated at all times, so you can say goodbye to repeating a problem four times before it actually starts getting solved. The big companies can speak with their Schepisi manager in excess of 10 times a day!

Social status:

Sure, this might follow the vein of conceitedness but social status is more than respect and admiration from peers, competitors, and clients. People are naturally selfish (but we wouldn’t dare say that out loud!). That’s why a service needs to then move away from telling a potential client about how awesome you are, and move towards explaining how awesome you can make them.

The psychology of social status is an important and motivating force of social behaviour, and projects the notions of trust, credibility, transparency, familiarity, and expertise.


We have touched on this a few times, but the ability to consistently deliver goods and services to your clients means you’re constantly looking at ways to improve. Can your sales process be tightened? Are you looking to change your product and add new features? They are just two examples of the ways you want to continually improve products in order to improve business.

Well, that’s what you ought to be looking at doing when you opt in for a service, too. Does internal and external communication need to drastically improve? By identifying potential pain points you can choose services that will work with you to improve your business.

It’s about remaining competitive in a competitive market, and if signing up for a service is going to help you more successfully run a business, you’ve got that innovative and competitive edge, and you’ll fulfil this ‘social status’ factor.

Why “buy” (with the inverted commas)?

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