Bringing your own device? 10 features to consider for your next smartphone for business

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, February 08, 2016

There is no true answer when it comes to the question “What’s the best smartphone for business?” I’m sure we all have our own personal opinions on what constitutes the best, and, if you’re a smartphone owner, there’s a high chance you’ll be hesitant to change brands!

But there are a number of features to consider when it comes to choosing a new smartphone for business purposes. Together, these features add up to a pretty super device, but, as we know, the way we use our smartphones can differ considerably.

Have a read through these six features. What smartphone features are most important to you? Let us know your thoughts over on Facebook.

best smartphones for business

1. Strong battery life

There’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing then making it only halfway through your day when you see your phone’s battery percentage drop down to the panic-inducing levels.

Many smartphones have power-saving features that help conserve battery when you reach, say, 20 per cent.

Consider your own usage too. Will you be mainly using the phone when you’re out of the office, or will it be the main device you use when receiving and making calls from your desk? What kind of apps will you need? Do you travel overseas or interstate often?

2. Ample screen size

Futuristic screen designs (curve, anyone?) brilliant colour, and crystal clear graphics aren’t merely vanity features.

3. Operating system

There are heaps to choose from… each smartphone company has its own operating system that you’ll get to know and love. So how do you choose one?


One half of the Android-vs-iOS debate, Android has proven to be an innovative system developed for exquisite smartphones for, most commonly, Samsung and LG. Versions are named for confectionary items and include KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow.


Periodic updates to Apple’s operating system keeps it at the top of its game. Released in 2007, we’re currently up to version 9. Features include a customisable home screen, personal assistant Siri, and iMessage.

Windows 10 Mobile:

Developed by Microsoft, Windows 10 is a successor to version 8.1 but is now united with Microsoft’s desktop computer operating system.

Firefox OS:

Customisation and control are the two selling points of the lightweight Firefox OS. Recently Mozilla developed Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview, an app that let’s you use Firefox OS on your Android device. How will this shake up the fight for operation system of choice?

4. International coverage abilities

Business travel – international calls and text as well as Wi-Fi when you’re on the move. If you’re not comfortable relying on airport, hotel, or coffee shop Wi-Fi while overseas – especially when overseas conducting business – temporary data packs can become a real lifesaver!

5. Apps

These are apps stored on the device itself in order to maximise productivity, provide you with current and accurate information, and to educate you and keep you informed.

We’ve written a couple of blog posts in the past, so check them out:

First, this one covers some fabulous business apps, including TripIt (keep updated on your flights, including delays, cancellations, and more), LastPass (the last password you will ever have to remember!), and NetDania Forex (real time info and updates from the financial market). Read it here.

Further, if your business is also in the cloud (or considering a move to the cloud), you might like to learn more about Telstra’s cloud business apps, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange, in this blog post.

6. Network

There are a number of Australian telecommunications networks, so why pick Telstra?

  • It’s Australia’s fastest network

  • Its network covers 99.30% of the population (that’s seriously impressive)

  • They’re reliable and secure

  • They have various plans to suit your data needs

  • They offer overseas and international roaming (speak to us to find out more)

  • The added layer of support from Schepisi is second-to-none

Read this blog post to learn more about moving your business to Telstra.

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