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Posted by: Schepisi - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A business will struggle to function without a seamless, and efficient communications system. You’re always talking and interacting with not only customers and clients, but internally, too, with colleagues, managers and supervisors.

Communication is the core of business, and a trusted telecommunications company ensures quality and functionality that you can depend on.

A new business phone system provider may be a big change for your business, but it should occur with minimum disruption to your processes.   

switch to telstra

Consider the following to create a better idea of your Telco needs:

  • How many calls do you make a day?

  • How about the number of calls you receive?

  • Do you need tools like call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail?

  • What length of contract are you considering?

  • Do you make international calls?

  • What do you expect from your Telco company?


So if you’re considering a business Telco provider change, here are five key reasons to switch to a Telstra Business phone solution from Schepisi Communications – your Telstra business dealer.

1. Australia’s largest and leading Telco service company:

Telstra understands the demands big businesses have regarding their telecommunications. Dependable technology means better communication, and better communication means satisfied customers!  

2. Expertise

A switch to Telstra means immediate and continuous benefits, advanced technology, and Schepisi’s Telstra support.

Trust industry specialists who will provide you with more than just a product: our all-encompassing service includes consultancy, sales, design, project management and implementation, as well as after-sales service

3. Speed

Telstra’s Next G™ network means you can depend on an unmatched level of coverage and speed Australia-wide. Telstra Next G™ also gives you access in more than 140 countries, so you can improve your communication processes wherever you are and whenever you’d like.

4. Telstra gives your business room to grow...

...and Schepisi can guide you as your business makes prosperous changes.

Telstra dealer

Schepisi works closely with Telstra to offer you a streamlined service, perfectly catered to your business needs, but always with room to move.

So whether you want to add a VoIP service, learn how you can benefit from the cloud, or enquire about our mobile devices for business, rely on Schepisi and Telstra to make it work – it’s that simple!


5. Think big

Regardless of the size of your business, think big. Why expect anything less than the best? Telstra’s solid support structure and modern technology can maximise your business’ operations.

Trust in the knowledge, service, and ongoing support of Schepisi, combined with Telstra’s state-of-the-art technology, to result in powerful, reliable communication services for your business.
To learn more about how a structured Telstra Business solution from Schepisi can manage your business telecommunication demands, get in touch today.

Schepisi is an award-winning Telstra Business Partner.