Tangoe: Your complete communication management system

Posted by: Schepisi - Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it time your business seriously considered an expense management system to monitor usage, expenses and assets?

Communication management refers to the organisation and assessment of assets spent during any part of the communications lifecycle of a business.

Tangoe is a complete communications lifecycle expense management system

Does your business know what it’s paying for, or is it paid simply because it’s been billed to you?

A complete communication management system means you have access to real-time spend and results. No longer do you need to wait until the end of the month (or other billing period) to see your spend after it’s already been spent!

Tangoe’s full Communications Lifecycle Management system observes, analyses and collates data based on the full spectrum of your communications spend.

Who should use Tangoe?

Rising costs, the growth in mobile devices, and the need to gain visibility and control are the most common challenges an expense management system addresses.

If your business could use a hand managing communication costs, or if you find you’re wasting time sorting through unexpected bill shock or trying to assign unexplained data usage, consider a Tangoe communications management solution from Schepisi.

More than just an expense management system

Some expense management systems only manage the financial side of communications, whereas Tangoe manages the complete lifecycle of communication assets, from start to finish.

It’s a system that assesses and manages end-to-end business spend processes by combining expense management, asset management, and usage management.

Tangoe allows you to make appropriate decisions based on solid evidence about the cost of your entire communications network, and aims to bring visibility, control and understanding to your business’ fixed and mobile communications spend.

Each component of the complete communications lifecycle is managed by Tangoe, via the following process:
•    Planning and sourcing
•    Procurement and provisioning
•    Inventory and usage management
•    Asset decommissioning and disposal
•    Mobile device management
•    Invoice processing
•    Expense allocation and accounting

What are the benefits of Tangoe?

Tangoe’s system is designed to clearly, efficiently and accurately assign various types of spend to your business’ day-to-day operations.

Its simple set up means you can efficiently begin managing and observing spend immediately.


•    Optimises performance at the lowest cost to reduce bill shock
•    Controls fleet mobile spending
•    Improves visibility of your business’ spend
•    Enforces usage policies and encourages employer compliance
•    Detects irregular events such as off-hour usage and large data transfers

Additionally, Tangoe’s Real-Time Telecom Expense System typically pays for itself within one month, just from carrier overage charge prevention!

Communication is crucial to all businesses, which is why an expense management system is a vital part of business operations.


How can I learn more about Tangoe?

Whether you’re upgrading a current expense management system or beginning this process for the first time, you can trust in Tangoe’s communications lifecycle management system to accurately and clearly help you assess and act accordingly to telecommunications spend.

Learning about a new system can be challenging, which is why Schepisi Communications gladly provides the information and guidance to help you make an informed decision about how best you can manage and assess your communication spend.

We offer ongoing assistance and support so you receive the most comprehensive insight into your business’ communications spend.

To talk to a Schepisi Tangoe Communications Lifecycle Management expert, fill out our contact form or give us a call.

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