GALAXY S7: 5 things to love about Samsung's new flagship phone

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, March 11, 2016

We’ve got to admit it: there’s always an air of excitement whenever a smartphone manufacturer releases their latest model. These little devices have changed the way we communicate, the way we access data, and the way we store information, both professionally and personally.

Can you even remember when a mobile phone was simply just a phone? Beyond text messages and phone calls, smartphones are our personal assistants, providing us reminders, a place to store notes, a channel to access emails, a speaker to play music, and a device to communicate via video.

On top of that, more than one million apps in Apple’s App Store and almost 700,000 each in the Windows Store and on Google Play, smartphones running third-party apps can almost do anything.

With the release of Samsung’s new flagship phone, the GALAXY S7, we thought we’d take a look at five great features that has everybody talking. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the GALAXY S7 could be your next smartphone.


A 5.1-inch display brings visuals to life, while the S7 Edge boasts an impressive 5.5-inch curved screen.

As well as your regular smartphone functions, including text messaging and social media, you can also experience dynamic video conversations and access emails, documents, and images.

As smartphones gained popularity, we’ve also seen the development of crisper, sharper, and higher quality displays – and the S7 is no exception.

Wireless charging

This one is pretty cool.

Samsung has been at the forefront of wireless charging for a few years now – they seem to have gotten it right. Don’t worry about cables and cords with their wireless charging devices; the Samsung Fast Charging Stand allows users to charge their phone just as they would with a traditional cord and socket tool.

The wireless charging device will also charge your phone quicker than other similar wireless charging stations.


For those butterfingers, who aren’t exempt from dropping their phone in a puddle, a cup of tea, or worst of all, the toilet (hey, it happens), the GALAXY S7 will repel water, splashes and spills.

Save your heart that panicked skipped beat with a water-resistant device (in up to five feet of water for up to 30 minutes.)

Oh, and it’s also dust-proof, which is why you might have noticed there are no covers on the micro USB port, earphone jack, or charging port.

External storage

We’ve all had that dreaded pop-up telling us that our phone (or computer, or USB) is almost out of storage, but with Samsung, you can add up to 32MB of additional external storage.

Now send as many text messages and take as many photos as you’d like – you won’t need to delete files for a long time with this additional storage capacity.

Fingerprint scanning keeps your apps secure

Many smartphones on the market have that cool fingerprint scanner that we use to quickly unlock our phones. Of course, that scanning feature is back in the S7, but, with Android’s latest operating system – Marshmallow – you can use the fingerprint scanner for more than just unlocking your phone.

The Marshmallow OS includes an official API for fingerprint scanning amongst some of your favourite apps. That means you can access or authorise various apps using your fingerprint rather than typing out passwords. (More info here – scroll down to point 14)

What do the reviews say?

Here are a couple of recent reviews praising the GALAXY 7.

Business Insider

Harry Tucker at Business Insider calls the Samsung GALAXY S7 a “flawless phone” and “the best all-round phone I’ve ever used”. (Read his full review here)


- This Refinery29 review calls the GALAXY S7 an “excellent smartphone”, praising its build quality, software, and camera.


Gizmodo’s review says the phone is “inching towards perfection” while the design has gone from “lagging to leading”.

What now?

Schepisi is a Telstra business partner in Melbourne