How does HR attract top talent and conduct immaculate interviews with video conferencing?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, July 17, 2015

Efficient human resource management throughout the hiring process

As the demand for flexible working parameters increases, this trend has exploded into the scene before people even become employees at a company.

The recruitment process for HR managers has taken a turn for the better with video conferencing. A shortened hiring process and global market share means video job interviews are becoming the norm.

A video conference as the first touch point eliminates the extra touch point of an initial voice call. It’s also the way of the future: lower costs, software-based video conferencing tools, and a global job market are some of the reasons for the rise of the video job interview. Video conferencing has become a valuable tool in human resource management.

These are our top 5 benefits of video conferencing for human resources.

Video conferencing at home

1. Attract more prospects with a video conference interview

Job seekers who see that a job prospect allows, encourages, or demands video conference interviews immediately see how a company is innovative and up-to-date with latest communication trends and methods.

This can also attract the new generation of talent that relies on technology to communicate both professionally and personally, and will see that your company and its people are technologically on-trend.

A video interview is also an appealing option for those applying from interstate (or even further!) and attracts those who might otherwise not apply for a job due to geographical location.

2. Reach all corners of the world through video conferencing

The growth of remote and global workforces means that video conferencing is simply an adaptor of this new way of working.

Video conferencing at any stage of a job cycle (let alone the recruitment process) is a flexible parameter that fits the demand for today’s flexible workforce.

3. Shorter hire cycle

Those that work in HR can wholeheartedly understand that the hiring cycle can be a long process! It involves many phone calls as well as lots of face-to-face interviews. Each conversation sequentially narrows down successful candidates until finally, you’re down to a few and you make a hiring decision.

Research conducted in 2013 by Aberdeen found that video in the hiring process yielded “35% greater year-over-year improvement in time to hire”. That’s quite a remarkable improvement – and what a time-saver!

4. Faster (and smarter) decision-making

The extra step between conducting an initial phone call and then inviting a prospect to a face-to-face interview is eliminated with a video conference.

It results in faster turnaround time without compromising hiring decisions.

Why is this important? Well, fast decision-making is a fickle factor when it comes to job hiring. In fact, in a National Business Research Institute (NBRI) survey found that 43% of respondents said the main reason of bad hires is to quickly fill positions.

The longer hiring process results in poor decisions, which result in higher turnover, lost time, and wasted costs (the outrageous ROI of a bad hire could be -298%!)

Obtain faster turnaround without sacrificing quality via video conferencing.

5. Improved engagement using video conferencing software

An initial video conference allows employers to immediately put a face to a name. We know by now the importance of non-verbal communication in conversation, so a video interview right off the bat allows recruiters to observe your behaviour, cues, attitude, personality, and more – all from your body language.

(Find out more about video conferencing body language and helpful tips here).

Secure this talent with ongoing communication, mentoring, training, feedback, and keep the conversation alive.

The growth of remote and global workforces

Beyond the hiring process, video conferencing fulfils the need to use communication modes and methods that complement the growth of remote and global workforces.

No matter where you are on the world (and regardless of the device), video conferencing allows employees, employers, and colleagues to:

✓ Connect with your team face-to-face
✓ Feel more connected
✓ Communicate via secure connections

When you’re speaking, non-verbal cues can tell you:

– When someone else wants to say something

– The mood of your audience (are they engaged or are their eyes glazed over? There’s your cue to start wrapping it up!)

– Their reaction to what you’re saying

On a phone call, you have no knowledge if you’ve accidentally been disconnected, and you’ve continued speaking for another minute – awkward.

Now what?

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