Benefits of VoIP in Australia: how a VoIP system supports remote and home workers

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, April 08, 2016

Recent research from Global Workplace Analytics has found that:

  • 50% of the US workforce “teleworks” – that is, they work from home or remotely

  • 20-25% of the workforce works remotely “frequently”

  • And, this is the big one: 80-90% of the US workforce would like to work remotely “at least part time”

(You can view all the statistics here.)

VoIP helps home workers connect to the offce

With half of the US workforce working remotely for a portion of their workweek, it is clear to understand that remote and home workers do not make up a minority; in fact, at the rates they are at right now, they’ll continue to grow and become the majority.

In Australia, it is important to acknowledge these important findings from a research survey:

  • Most of the people surveyed would stay longer at their place of employment if they offered teleworking

  • Around half would take a pay-cut for teleworking

  • 55% of people feel they work more productively from home

  • 78% wanted to “spend at least a certain amount of their time working from home”


This week, we take a look at the impact of VoIP in Australia: how does it help to support remote or home workers?

Stay connected when you work from home

These days, it’s common for many employees to split their week into office and home days. With all the technology available to businesses, taking a day here and there to work from home doesn’t mean disconnecting from the office.

A VoIP system that’s hosted in the cloud allows home workers to access the system using just an internet connection.

Why people love to work from home

Working from home is a popular choice for many employees, and employers are increasingly flexible offering their valued team a better work-life balance.

Home workers:

  • Love avoiding the traffic rush to get to the office

  • Save money on petrol

  • Enjoy more time to wind down with their families

Provide your team the ultimate flexibility…

With just an internet connection, your remote or home workers can dial in whenever they need to, and, in turn, you can get in touch during the workday, too.

Without sticking to the strict regiment of the ‘9-5’ workday – in an office – workers have greater flexibility and can create a working schedule that fulfils their duty to employers but also gives them more control, hence improving their performance.

… which in turn helps improve employee retention

The freedom to work flexible hours or a portion of the workweek from outside of the office ensures a more accommodating work schedule – something that employees once felt was unattainable.

While a regular workweek in the office could mean up to 50 hours away from home (based on approximate 42 hours of work per week plus around one hour of travel time per day), a more flexible work schedule – that is still facilitated by a VoIP connection to the office – leads to boosted employee morale, thus improving retention.

Remote workers: keep communicating, wherever you are

One of the great features of VoIP is that you can give remote workers (say, an employee who works for three days in the office but two days elsewhere) the same VoIP number.

This shows professionalism because it gives your clients, customers, or prospects the same way to contact any employee, regardless of whether they are in the home or office.

It also prevents employees having to give out their own (personal) mobile phone number for those times where an email just won’t cut it and a telephone call is needed.

Multiple offices are united

If you have employees from different offices or locations visiting and working in your office on a case-by-case or fixed basis, a VoIP system lets them quickly become accustomed to their temporary desk and use the system as if they were back at their other desk.

And there’s benefits of remote workers for the employer, too

  • Decrease real estate (15 staff working to a schedule that means at any one time 5 staff are in the office)

  • As mentioned above, reduced employee turnover saves HR time replacing staff

  • Remote work boosts productivity

  • Employers have access to a wider pool of job applications

What now?

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