What is enterprise cloud computing?

Posted by: Schepisi - Friday, February 05, 2016

Individuals across various titles (commonly CFOs, General Managers, and IT Managers) work with cloud vendors, suppliers, and partners to devise solutions that benefits a business as a whole. How does enterprise cloud computing help to achieve this?

What is enterprise cloud computing?

What are the advantages of cloud computing for the enterprise?

Cloud computing offers attractive cost savings

Cloud computing saves Australian businesses upfront ownership costs, and operates on a slick pay-as-you-go basis.

That means you pay only for what you use – not upfront – and can scale down immediately. (You can, of course, scale up immediately, too.) 

Business innovation

Think back through the past few decades. It’s astonishing to think how technology and businesses have advanced since the 80s, 90s, or even as little as five years ago!

In the mid 2000s, cloud computing was new, we were tentative, and it hardly made a dent in the enterprise world.

Today, though, business technology is moving faster than ever, and without your enterprise moving along too, you’re taking the risk of being left behind, associated with terms like “less relevant”, “outdated” or “obsolete”. The cloud keeps your business competitive and presents new opportunities for growth, productivity, technology, and more.

Speed and agility

Particularly for new enterprise developments, the ability to quickly expand or reduce cloud usage means newer businesses can experiment more. No upfront costs means experiments can be scaled up or shut down quickly, reducing losses.

Reclaim power over customer demand, take advantage of new technologies and software, and create an intelligent company that unleashes the power of a flexible, modern, fast cloud.

Cloud storage & access allows outstanding collaboration

Never before has team collaboration been so achievable!

Storing data in the cloud allows cross-collaboration between your team, regardless of if they are:

  • Overseas on a family trip

  • Overseas on business trip

  • Working from home for the day

  • Working from home – always

  • Working remotely

  • Interstate

  • Across the hall!

No matter where your team’s location, an internet connection is all they’ll need to connect to the office. Additionally, cloud storage is secure, reliable, and strong!


A favourable word when it comes to business technology, customisation means exactly that: there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the cloud (which is why a cloud computing strategy can never be undermined!) That's why Schepisi gets to know your business inside-out to create a strategy and determine a solution that suits your business needs (with room to grow for the future!)

The power of the cloud from a trusted Telstra dealer

Schepisi is the knowledge hub you need to take complete advantage of cloud computing for your enterprise. With over 25 years’ experience, we’re a trusted Telstra dealer that covers all bases of our clients’ organisations. We work closely with a business to determine the right cloud solution.

If you’d like to talk to an expert to find out more about how the cloud can transform your enterprise business, contact us today. Call us on 1300 66 44 22 or fill in our contact form

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