Compare video conferencing solutions and see why Lifesize is perfect for your business.

If your business wants to optimize how your teams meet and collaborate, Lifesize solutions give you the most convenient high-performance solutions out there. Unlike other solutions, Lifesize works like you do. There are no virtual meeting rooms or complex IT administration to deal with. You simply get one solution that everyone can use to experience the conference room everywhere.

Do a video conferencing comparison and you will quickly see that no other solution provides the ease, quality and lifelike experience that Lifesize does. With Lifesize, you get one comprehensive solution rather than a system that combines many video conferencing makes and models. Our solution scales as easily as you can imagine. And we update your software automatically and free of charge.

Compare video conferencing solutions, and you’ll see what we mean.

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If you want: Web-based conferences WebEx™ and GoToMeeting® Enterprise scale video conference infrastructures Polycom® and Cisco® Software as a service (SaaS) video conferences Blue Jeans®, Fuze™ and Zoom® Free web video services Skype™ and Google® Lifesize
To conference with more than one remote location Set up a virtual room for an audio call that can include video—a “meet-me” model. “Meet-me” or direct-dial video calls not integrated with the cloud. A “meet-me” virtual video conference room. Dial multiple people into an unreliable, low-resolution meeting. Instant or scheduled video meetings over the cloud on any device.
To dial people directly Sorry. You need to dial a phone number, enter your access code, etc. Dialing is complex with confusing number strings. IT has to build and push centralized directories. Hope you’re not in a hurry. You have to plan ahead, schedule your meeting and wait for everyone to join. Direct dial works, but the experience is still questionable. Direct dial all you want.
To access the conference room Not available. You better have a good IT department to manage all the infrastructure and to train and support your people since cloud is not an option. Only if you integrated your own video endpoint and often at an inflated monthly fee for each one. If you position a laptop just right at the end of the conference table. Yes, using the industry’s best video endpoint.
Ease of use Yes, but very limited functionality. Not at all. Have IT support ready. Same as web conferencing. Yes, so long as you don’t need to add or drop people from a live call. Absolutely. Lifesize is designed around ease of use.
Cost-effective Yes, but are the limitations worth the price? No way. The sticker price is just the beginning of how much it costs. Yes, but for fewer features and less integration. Yes, it’s free, but you get what you pay for. Yes. Pricing starts at just $25 per user per month.
Business class video and security No. The best option when you’ve accepted this is the best there is. Yes, but at a huge cost. Yes, but dependent on your video endpoints. No. Free doesn’t mean business class. 100%.