The busy lives of executives can keep them on the road and away from their teams for long periods of time.

With LifeSize video conferencing solutions, you can empower executive conferencing that will optimize productivity by conducting high quality HD experience meetings that are almost the same, and as effective, as being somewhere in person.

High Quality HD Experience

As the pioneer of HD video conferencing, LifeSize brings high quality HD video anywhere its users need it, from the boardroom to a hotel room. But for most executives, the office is where true progress happens. For them, LifeSize offers streamlined, single-unit HD executive conferencing solutions and platforms purpose-built for executive offices, as well as smaller equipment options that can travel with them or stay on their desks.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Due to packed schedules and long hours, most executives have to be self-sufficient when it comes to IT support. That’s why LifeSize has developed a line of solutions that were designed to be simple and intuitive to use. The LifeSize Unity series offers a tabletop or wall-mounted all-in-one video solution that is smart, streamlined and simple to deploy. LifeSize also offers mobile solutions that can be taken on the road. Whatever your choice, rest assured that all LifeSize video conferencing solutions offer the industry’s highest quality HD video experience.

Optimize Productivity

Even quick moves between offices and conference rooms can add up to significant productivity loss over time. With LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions, these moves become virtually unnecessary. All LifeSize executive conferencing solutions can help streamline daily activities like never before. Users can participate in an HD video call with colleagues, share presentations and data and then switch back to their desktops to finish their work, all without moving from their desks.