Working from home doesn't mean that you should miss out on the events and experiences that your colleagues who sit in the office are involved in.

With a LifeSize mobile or desktop video conferencing solution deployed in your home office, you can attend remote meetings, training sessions and product demonstrations all from the comfort of your desk, dining room or wherever you choose to be.

High Quality HD Experience

As the pioneer of HD video conferencing, LifeSize brings HD video communication anywhere its users need it. For some people, that need is at home. LifeSize has multiple options for various home office setups, all with the unmatched HD video quality that people have come to expect from LifeSize. Whether you choose to work with an all-in-one solution or a virtual service accessed remotely via the cloud, rest assured that you’ll always have a high quality HD video experience.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Not only does LifeSize HD home video conferencing solutions offer the highest quality available, they were all designed with simplicity in mind. Anyone, anywhere, can get set up and start communicating via video in just a short time through solutions that are not only simple to deploy but intuitive and easy to use too. From all-in-one systems that house an entire solution to solutions that can be accessed on your tablet or mobile device, LifeSize has made video conferencing as simple as placing a phone call.

Flexible Solutions

For those who need a system that will adjust to the needs of their daily business routines, LifeSize’s flexible HD video conferencing solutions can streamline daily activities like never before. Users can participate in HD video calls, share presentations and data, and then switch back to their desktops to finish their work. Important messages can be shared both live and on demand, and meetings can even be recorded for future playback.


As the pioneer of HD video communication, LifeSize believes that HD home video conferencing should be available to anyone in the world, regardless of location or device. With a range of flexible offerings that cost a fraction of the prices of competitive systems and can be paid for on a monthly basis, LifeSize offers an option for everyone.