LifeSize is the leader in video conferencing solutions for large conference rooms.

From the delivery of multiway calls to products that stream and record meetings for future reference, LifeSize offers a variety of HD video conferencing solutions to fit the needs of any large conference room.

High Quality HD Experience

Technical difficulties are unacceptable, especially when you have participants who are spending valuable time to meet in your large conference room environment. When you need to connect with your colleagues and partners in other large conference rooms around the globe, you want to ensure that you are making efficient use of their time by using the highest quality audio, video and data-sharing tools. LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions offer the highest available video resolution, best motion handling and least latency on the market today to ensure a natural and realistic interaction like you’ve never experienced before.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Technology can be intimidating, especially when you walk into a conference room to find a product you’ve never used before. That’s why all LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions were built with simplicity in mind. Anyone, anywhere, can get set up and start communicating via video in just a short time through solutions that are not only simple to deploy but intuitive and easy to use too. From all-in-one systems that house an entire solution to touch-screen phones that resemble your mobile devices, LifeSize has made video conferencing as simple as placing a phone call.

Record and Replay

Large meetings can be cumbersome. Multiple people talking, distractions with note taking and side discussions can make remembering everything that just happened in your meeting hard to do. With LifeSize video streaming and recording solutions, you can capture the entire meeting and replay it later for future reference. You can even share the recording with others in your organization through an intuitive web interface that is accessible from any location.


As the pioneer of HD video communication, LifeSize believes that anyone, anywhere, should have access to a high quality HD video collaboration experience. From the conference room to the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, LifeSize brings HD video conferencing solutions wherever you need it through a variety of cost-effective solutions that can be scaled as the needs of your organization grow.