When you want to maximize the reach of presentations delivered from your lecture hall, you can count on LifeSize video conferencing equipment to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions that will help you reach more people, in more places, with a minimal amount of resources.

If you’ll be in a lecture hall in an educational facility, hospital or government administration building, LifeSize has a video conferencing solution for education that will meet the needs of your lecture environment today and that can scale tomorrow when your needs change.

Bring the World to You

LifeSize HD video conferencing equipment makes it possible for people in every lecture hall, even those in remote locations, to bring the world to them. By eliminating the need for and cost of travel, you can invite special guest speakers to present at your sessions and provide a more robust experience for your audience. And with the availability of streaming and recording options, you can capture presentations for future playback and reference.

Enable Distance Learning

Travel restrictions, a sudden illness and even the weather can be factors in keeping students away from the lecture hall where vital learning sessions are taking place. With LifeSize HD video conferencing equipment, anyone can learn from the comfort of wherever they may be by watching live or recorded streams of presentations. LifeSize extends the lecture by offering it, live or on demand, to homebound students, to remote campuses and to people with busy schedules. Stream, record and replay learning sessions and maximize the reach of education.

Lecture Capture

Learning opportunities can be optimized when lectures are not only streamed live but are also captured, recorded and made available for replay at a later time. Video conferencing for education, from LifeSize, provides students and educators alike with a way to learn on the schedule that suits them best. Whether from the comfort of a desk in an office or on a mobile device while on the go, LifeSize enables the same presentation delivered in the lecture hall to be delivered on the device of your choice in high quality HD video.