How LifeSize Video Conferencing Can Benefit Your Business

What if you had a tool that could:

  • Reduce the cost and time spent on business travel?
  • Reduce the cost of training and increase its effectiveness?
  • Provide more opportunities for collaboration?
  • Expand and contract according to your needs?
  • Reduce your impact on the environment?

...without compromising your business growth.

LifeSize Video Conferencing Solutions do all this ... and more!

Whether your organisation is large or small, LifeSize video conferencing provides an intuitive, premium quality interface between every member of your team, no matter where they are located.

Reduce Travel Costs: Business travel is expensive, stressful, and time-consuming - there are flights, taxis, meals and hotels. A lot of it isn't even that much fun. With LifeSize you can stay at home or in your office and use those hours productively without sacrificing collaboration between colleagues.

Improve Training Quality & Reduce Costs: Your best training is available on-demand 24/7, anywhere in the world via playback. Of course, you can also conduct live, interactive trainings but your staff don't have to travel to attend them so you can make more training available to each one - and still save money.

Better Relationships and More Collaboration: Everyone is very busy and it can be hard to schedule meetings. If you take away the need to travel you can spend more time talking to each other and working together and less time travelling.

Never Pay For More Than You Need: With LifeSize you never need to over-invest even when you anticipate rapid growth. Our solutions expand and contract to meet your business needs and you will never outgrow your equipment. Our system of hardware and software licensing is infinitely flexible - so you always have as much as you need, but never too much.

Reduce Your Impact On The Environment: When you travel you don't just spend money. You're also straining the planet's resources. Less travel, means less environmental impact - but with LifeSize Video Conferencing you don't need to sacrifice business growth and communication to protect the environment. Our products are all manufactured to meet the highest social and environmental standards.

LifeSize Video Conferencing: Quality, Simplicity and Reliability

Quality: High-definition Video that is truly 'LifeSize', and crystal clear audio that cannot be bettered. Gone are the days of grainy video and audio that cuts in and out. LifeSize Video Conferencing solutions have created a stable environment that make distance collaboration a choice, not a chore.

Simplicity: Our Video Conferencing Solutions are so easy to set up and maintain that whether you choose a server-based or a cloud-based solution you never need to worry about the burden on your IT department. Unlike some older video conferencing suites you don't need to be computer savvy to operate LifeSize. Our innovative team have designed a one-touch recording system - and playing back a recording or adding people to a conference is just as simple.

Reliability: Of course, we pride ourselves on our responsive service department, but the reality is that LifeSize is so well-engineered that we don't get that many calls. Sophisticated monitoring, rigorous security and cutting-edge design and manufacturing processes mean that LifeSize Video Conferencing just works for your business!

Don't settle for second-best. With LifeSize Video Conferencing you get the best remote communication experience available. Call Schepisi communications today on 1300 66 44 22 for a demonstration.