The LifeSize MicPod is an easy-to-use video conferencing microphone that delivers a lifelike, HD audio experience

LifeSize MicPod is best suited for small and midsize rooms and is the standard audio input device for several LifeSize 220 HD video conferencing solutions.

HD Audio

The LifeSize MicPod is more than just a video conferencing microphone. It features a single, omnidirectional, HD active microphone, mute button and call status/mute indication lights. Offering direct calls as well as three-way audio add-on call capability, the MicPod is most often seen as part of a LifeSize 220 system. For a truly immersive audio experience, the LifeSize MicPod also includes automatic echo cancellation and noise reduction.

Easy to Use

The LifeSize MicPod is designed to be as simple as possible. Powered by the codec directly through a 7.5 metre (25 feet) combined audio and power cable, the LifeSize MicPod, audio video conference microphone, was designed to enable optimal microphone placement and room coverage.