Features of LifeSize Video Conferencing

LifeSize Video Conferencing solutions have made Video Conferencing a truly viable means of collaboration. It's not just the quality of the video and audio connection, but also the ease of installation and use, and our affordable pricing that makes LifeSize different.

At first, you may need a small setup with only a few connection points - we can help you! As your needs grow and your business expands, your LifeSize Video conferencing solution can expand as well. All of our hardware and software is fully compatible so today's investment will always be part of tomorrow's solution.

With a range of software and hardware choices to suit every need and budget - from governments and multinationals, to universities and hospitals, down to charities and small businesses - LifeSize has a solution.

LifeSize Video Conferencing Solutions feature:

  • Flawless HD video and audio quality;
  • Simple installation and operation;
  • Hassle-free streaming, recording, and playback;
  • Military-grade data security for both server-based and cloud-based solutions;
  • Highest quality manufacturing standards;
  • Scalable and affordable solutions;
  • Flexible implementation - can be used in boardrooms, at home, and from any computer or mobile device;
  • Excellent system and customer support.

With LifeSize Video Conferencing it feels as though you are all in the same room!

LifeSize Video Conferencing is a Fully Integrated System

For Boardrooms: LifeSize offers a choice of hardware and software options to ensure that your executive communications are free of any technical difficulties. Powerful, multipoint video and audio capture devices make sure that the quality of your collaboration is not affected whether you are using a server-based or hosted solution.

For Lectures & Conferences: Simplicity and quality are the key. Anyone, anywhere can start streaming, recording or joining a call. No matter how many people are listening or participating the quality will not be diminished.

For Home Offices and Travel: Depending on your needs you can set up a permanent remote station, or you can work from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Either way, you'll enjoy high quality audio and video communication with your colleagues.

No matter where you are in the world, or how many people you need to bring together, LifeSize Video Conferencing has solutions to meet your video conferencing needs. Why battle with the alternative providers when LifeSize Video Conferencing solutions can make all your endeavours more effective, affordable, and hassle-free.

For all the video conferencing features you need at a surprisingly affordable price call Schepisi Communications today on 1300 66 44 22. We have a solution to fit your needs.