When your office is on a "campus," the time you take walking to and from a meeting room could be more than the time you spend in the meeting.

With a LifeSize office video conferencing solution in place, you can maximize your productivity by attending meetings from the comfort of your office. And because LifeSize is delivered via high quality HD video, attending your meeting virtually is almost the same, and as effective, as being there in person.

High Quality HD Experience

Technical difficulties are unacceptable, especially when you are spending valuable time trying to troubleshoot them. Meeting flawlessly with video, audio, data sharing and recording capabilities should just happen seamlessly. LifeSize HD office video conferencing solutions offer the highest available resolution, best motion handling and least latency on the market today, enabling natural, realistic interaction through a variety of solutions that will make even your small office look state of the art.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Not only does LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions offer the highest quality available, they were all designed with simplicity in mind. Anyone, anywhere, can get set up and start communicating via video in just a short time through solutions that are not only simple to deploy but intuitive and easy to use. From all-in-one systems that house an entire solution to touch-screen phones that resemble your mobile devices, LifeSize has made video conferencing as simple as placing a phone call.

Optimize Productivity

Even quick moves between offices and conference rooms can add up to significant productivity loss over time. With LifeSize HD office video conferencing solutions, these moves become virtually unnecessary. All LifeSize solutions can help streamline daily activities like never before. Users can participate in an HD video call with colleagues, share presentations and data and then switch back to their desktops to finish their work, all without moving from their desks.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions

As the pioneer of HD video communication, LifeSize strives to bring HD video conferencing to any meeting room or office in the world, no matter how small. With offerings that cost a fraction of the price of competitive systems, as well as flexible LifeSize HD solutions that can be paid for as a service, LifeSize offers options for rooms large and small.