Since our inception, LifeSize has been committed to bringing HD video conferencing to anyone, on any device, anywhere.

We understand that life on the road is the norm for some, and that’s why we’ve developed a line of mobile video conferencing solutions that are small enough to carry with you wherever you go or that can be accessed via the cloud on your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Flexible Mobile Video Solutions

LifeSize offers a line of mobile video conference solutions that empower you with the same functionality and flexibility as an in-room video conferencing system. Execute calls with multiple participants, share data and record your meetings for future playback; it’s all simple and intuitive to do with LifeSize.
Stay in Touch
Although your job may have you destined for a life on the road, there are still times when you are needed back in the office to attend planning meetings, quarterly business reviews and product launch sessions. LifeSize video collaboration solutions empower you to stay in touch with your teams and virtually attend required meetings from the comfort of your hotel room, airport or wherever you may be. And because schedule conflicts are likely to occur, you can even access recordings of the meeting on your laptop or mobile device when it is most convenient for you.

High Quality HD Experience

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re probably used to some of the drawbacks that come with being away from the office. With LifeSize, a low quality video collaboration session does not have to be one of them. All LifeSize solutions, whether deployed in an office or on the road, deliver the same high quality HD video experience you’ve come to expect from LifeSize and are so intuitive to use that you can deploy them on your own, eliminating the need for technical support.


As the pioneer of HD video communication, LifeSize believes that HD mobile video conference solutions should be available to anyone in the world, regardless of location or device. With a range of flexible offerings that cost a fraction of the prices of competitive systems and can be paid for on a monthly basis, LifeSize offers an option for everyone.