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  • Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Phone

    Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Phone
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    Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize PhoneLifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize PhoneLifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Phone
    Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Phone


    • Lifesize Icon 400 with embedded camera
    • Lifesize Phone
    • Power supply/cables
    • Lifesize remote control
    Price: $1,000






      • Product Id: 29795501
      • Description: LifeSize Icon 400 - Video conferencing kit - with LifeSize Phone Second Generation
      • Mfr Part #: 1000-0000-1175
      • MSRP: $3,499.00

      The Lifesize Icon 400 is designed to bring the power of video collaboration to small meetings. Sized perfectly for huddle rooms and wherever small teams congregate, Lifesize Icon 400 delivers an unparalleled immersive experience that enhances employee productivity. Capitalize on the power of Lifesize Cloud to deliver even more substantial benefits to your business such as automatic provisioning and software updates, virtual meeting rooms, lecture mode and chat and favorites. Simple point-to-point and mobile calls can quickly escalate to multiparty calls by clicking on a name in a directory or by accepting an incoming call. There simply isn't a more powerful, yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution in the world.

      Key Points

      • The Lifesize Icon 400 combines a PTZ camera and endpoint into a remarkably small form factor
      • The Lifesize Icon 400 is designed for small meeting and huddle rooms
      • Pair the Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Cloud to add powerful features, such as seamless call escalation, corporate and meetings directories, secure firewall/NAT traversal and automatic software updates
      • For on-premises cloud installations, integrate the Lifesize Icon 400 with Lifesize Infrastructure applications and add powerful video capabilities by turning on mobile video calling, multiparty calling, streaming/recording and more
      • Add the elegantly designed Lifesize Phone, connected to an IP-PBX, and gain the ability to make audio only calls
      • Simplified setup through auto-provisioning, video network management and secure NAT/firewall traversal accelerates deployment

      Product Features

      • Meet face to face with anyone whenever you need to

        Face-to-face video discussions are more effective than talking over the phone and a lot faster and more cost-effective than traveling to meet with someone. Use a Lifesize Icon system and call someone on video in just seconds.
      • For everyone in your organization

        Video conferencing is more than a business tool for executives; it's a productivity tool for everyone to use every day. That's why Lifesize Icons, video conferencing systems, are designed to be simple to use and priced to be affordable for you to equip all of your meeting spaces.
      • Conference room from A or Z

        Lifesize offers Icon Series products designed for every meeting room size. The Lifesize Icon 400 is ideal for small meeting and huddle rooms.
      • No technology degree required

        Simply place your system in a central location in the meeting room of your choice; connect to a power source, display and Internet; and then let everyone know it's ready for video calling.

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