How call centre solutions can improve every aspect of your customer service

It is not necessary to be operating a call centre to know how crucial quality telecommunications systems are to customer service. And it may seem extreme to be talking call centre solutions when it comes to your business. Schepisi Communications take the effort out of analyzing how call centre solutions can benefit your business in terms of productivity, efficiency, customer service and profitability.

You don’t have to think about your workplace telecommunications in terms of call centre solutions. We’ve done it for you. So you can benefit from the very best equipment, technology and systems that will ensure your customers are given the best available response from your end.

What do your customers need?

No doubt you think about this question every day when it comes to your products and services. But how about:

  • Communication
  • Accessibility
  • Information
  • Service history
  • Transparency
  • Relationship

Each of these elements relates to the experience your customers have when they are in contact with your company by telephone, email or messaging. And the more boxes you can tick, the better level of service your customers will experience. And this keeps them satisfied, returning, loyal and recommending as a result of your investment in technology leading to good business practice.

Communications is the one area you cannot afford to get wrong when it comes to customer service

And telecommunications are one area where technology can work for or against you, depending on your systems and the company that services you. Here is how the following key areas of customer satisfaction can be vastly improved with the right business telecommunication solutions:

Communication between staff and customers

The right equipment, training and support means your staff can communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers and between themselves. No lost calls, annoying hold time or confusion about extensions.

Access to the right people in the most convenient way

Some customer enquiries require the personal touch of the staff member directly responsible. Others are best managed by an efficient reception, assessment or fielding centre. Make sure that both your staff and your customers have the right level of access for what they need – no more and no less.

Information at the press of a button

Customers don’t mind waiting for good service and quality products. But they hate waiting for information. Effective workplace telecommunications ensures that your staff have access to all aspects of customer enquiries, from tracking orders to following up complaints.

Your staff and customers are on the same page

No matter what your business, your customers will appreciate staff members who know them and their service history. It’s impossible for every staff member to have such knowledge of every client or customer. But it is very possible to create telecommunications systems that give your staff instant access to customer histories so that every query is answered intelligently and your customers feel valued.

Don’t be elusive to your customers

Customer service satisfaction goes hand in hand with transparency. Make sure your customers know HOW to get in touch with you, WHO the best person is for them to speak to and WHAT they can expect from their communication with you.

Build customer relationships and loyalty

The main problem facing call centres when it comes to customer satisfaction is that of trust. Am I talking to the right person? Do they know what they are doing? Can they really help me? These questions can apply to any business and so call centre solutions can also be applied. The right equipment, systems and technology will ensure that your customers feel connected and cared for whether you are a five person team or a five hundred person organization.

Customer service is all about making your customers feel valued and the best way to consistently do that is via consistently excellent telecommunications.