Connect with more people in more places with Telstra Next G

Telstra’s Next G™ network delivers mobile services with unmatched speed and coverage. The network covers 99% of Australia’s population so if you need national mobile coverage – you need Telstra’s Next G network.

No more frustration trying to find transmission hot spots

Whether you are in Sydney’s CBD, on a sheep station in Western Australia, at a meeting in a Gold Coast high rise or driving down the Great Ocean Road, Telstra’s Next G™ has you covered. This means your work and workforce can be not only more mobile, but national in its scope, coverage and reach.

You can also make video calls from and to most places in Australia – what better way to do mobile business?

Take your coverage to an international level

Telstra’s Next G™ network gives you access in more than 140 countries worldwide. So if your business regularly takes you or your staff off shore, this 3G mobile coverage is your best choice.

Next G mobile coverage is for more than just voice

One of the main drives behind Telstra’s Next G™ network is the way that communication has changed – and continues to change. You need to be able to download, upload, send and share all kinds of data from your mobile phone. And you need to be able to do it quickly.

A Next G™ smart phone allows you to send emails, download files and access office applications* at genuine broadband speed.

Call Schepisi today and increase the mobility, reliability and capacity of your national and international business.

* With appropriate VPN settings. Additional software and/or hardware may be required.