Wireless and mobile systems for when you need remote access

Enjoy the very latest in wireless and mobile systems technology to ensure that your remote access is automatic, efficient and can be counted on. Schepisi brings you telemetry and wireless VPN (virtual private network) technology to give your communications reliable remote coverage.

Telemetry and Wireless VPN (virtual private network) via Telstra Mobile Broadband

Remote Telemetry enables automatic measurement and transmission of data across a network. This offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your unique business requirements. Your communications benefit from total system and service components, including network equipment, access and management tools.

Reduce costs and increase access and accountability

Telstra Mobile Broadband wireless and mobile systems can reduce operational costs and increase management control. Whether you are in transportation, healthcare, manufacturing or facilities management – call Schepisi to take advantage of Telstra Remote Telemetry technology and how it can improve the efficiency of your business.

IP Wireless gives you broad coverage and high speed connectivity

Take advantage of the broad coverage that the Telstra Mobile Next G phone network offers, with the latest in GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and Next G technology.

This wireless and mobile systems solution give you a choice of high-speed, secure and affordable mobile connectivity to internal business applications. Access any of the applications available on your Private IP virtual private network (VPN) remotely using Telstra’s Next G network.

Contact us today to find out how the advanced technology of Telstra Remote Telemetry can reduce your costs and increase communications efficiency.