IP Telephony cost saving benefits also gives you great contact flexibility

It is rare these days for a business to operate from one office or shop front, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. Monday to Friday. Business is mobile, customers are mobile and both are demanding greater flexibility from the other.

Wherever you have an internet connection, you have instant client contact

VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) transmits voice the same way that data is transmitted over the internet. So your staff members do not have to be sitting at a desk, attached to a phone or head piece. Nor do they have to be spending hours and dollars on mobile phone calls. Wherever there is broadband internet available, either fixed or mobile, there is IP Telephony. By utilizing a “soft” phone installed in your laptop or PC you can be in contact with your customers virtually anywhere you happen to be and at any time that suits you and them.

Give your staff instant and vital access to information

How many business phone calls are now done on the fly? But you are still expected to be an expert and be an endless source of accurate and up to the minute information. VOIP allows you and your staff to be instantly connected with the internet, client profiles, service history information, industry updates and any other online benefit while speaking with customers.

This takes VOIP savings and cost benefits from pedestrian to executive. Your staff will be able to communicate with greater ease and confidence. And more importantly, your customers will feel the extra value and measure of your service.

Did we mention it is great for your bottom line?

Perhaps this should be the first thing on the page. But because IP Telephony makes voice communications so available it improves the productivity of your staff and the quality of customer service to your customers. This may result in substantial benefit to your running costs and the bottom line.

Talk to us further about the way in which IP Telephony can increase the flexibility of your workplace telecommunications, improve productivity and customer service which may result in improved profitability for your company.