When you need a remote system that won’t let you down

If your business requires the transmission of data from remote sites you need to have the most reliable system available across a network that provides the widest possible coverage.
Remote Telemetry gives you the capacity for automatic measurement, transmission of data and increased flexibility for your unique business requirements.

Increase the effectiveness of your asset management

Integrating telemetry data into your management reporting is vital in making important decisions with regard to your important assets. Utilising Telstra Remote Telemetry via the Next G network you can be sure of reliable transmission of data whenever and wherever it is required.

Enjoy the benefits of Telstra Remote Telemetry

Telstra Remote Telemetry gives you the benefit of Next G coverage and reliability that enables you to improve your business operations and increase management control.

While remote telemetry is particularly crucial in industries such as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and facilities management, your business may be able to benefit from this technology.

Please contact Schepisi and one of our expert consultants will discuss further the ways in which remote telemetry can serve your company.