Is poor mobile staff email access affecting your customer service?

It’s a common problem. Field staff with little or no access to emails while out of the office creates frustration and communication problems at both an internal and external level. Your staff members out in the field are trying their best to service customers but are lacking crucial information or communications. This is not only frustrating for both your field staff and customers, but it can ultimately reflect poorly on your business competency.

The complete mobile solution to staff email access

Schepisi understands the mobility demands of business. Find the solutions you are looking for. It might be wireless email solutions – give your staff email access so they can respond immediately to customers and be kept informed of any crucial information while they are in the field.

Provide your management and staff with immediate email access with a BlackBerry® solution

BlackBerry® gives you access to a wealth of mobile applications. Your staff can be online, accessing corporate data, making and receiving calls, sending and receiving emails, organising and synchronising their schedules – all in the palm of their hand.

There are powerful, fast and reliable solutions to any staff email access problems you are facing. Call Schepisi to find out how we can help your workforce stay in touch.