Are your mobile phone solutions providing what you need?

If you even have to think twice about this question then it is likely you could be getting more from your mobile phone solutions. Consider the following questions:

Do you have cost saving plans in place?
Are your field staff easy to contact?
Do all of your staff have access to the technology they need (mobile broadband, wireless, remote systems)?
Do your staff complain about coverage, clarity or connectivity?
Do your customers have access to the right people at the right time?
Is it easy for your team to access information while out of the office?

Answering no to any one of the above means it is probably time to upgrade your mobile phone solutions.

Mobile phones are about much more than talking

Mobile phones are fast becoming complete portable communications devices. Your staff may need to access high-speed email, corporate data, video conferencing and web browsing – all from their mobile phone. So if your current mobile phone solutions are limiting the ability of your team to access information and communicate efficiently, contact Schepisi to arrange an immediate assessment and upgrade.

Friendly and accurate advice about what is best for your business

Given the range of mobile phones, plans and choices on the market, you are well advised to seek consultation. Telecommunications are our core business and we pride ourselves on helping customers find cost effective mobile phone solutions that tie in with a comprehensive and integrated communications plan.